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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also known as a communicational intelligence. It provides machines and devices with the capacity to imitate the way a human being thinks. It involves the creation of system with human-like behaviour, providing machines the capacity to perform logic and analyse.

If you have finished your bachelor’s degree and you want to do a master’s degree related to Artificial Intelligence, you are in the right place. The University of Alcala, one of the most prestigious universities of Spain, gives you the opportunity to be a professional on the subject. With our specialized program you will be able to increase your knowledge and develop it further into the world of artificial intelligence. It’s a perfect opportunity if you feel the necessity to explore this field even further.

The program covers all the areas needed in your development of proficiency. You will study artificial intelligence and machine learning, feedforward networks, genetic algorithms and evolutionary computation, unsupervised and reinforced learning, programming in python, convolutional and sequential networks, and finally, augmented intelligence and human machine interaction.

Our seminars cover several interesting fields such as: medicine, finance, automotive driving, computer vision, speech recognition and others. Those seminars will give you the chance to change the future of these different fields by involving yourself more and more into them.

The University has a high-skilled group of professors and lecturers who have hands-on experience in the application of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. They will help you to become a professional by sharing their knowledge and experience.

With your knowledge you will be able to get involved on the revolution of new technologies in our society. If you want to change the future of the humanity with artificial intelligence, join our Master in Artificial Intelligence. ¿What are you waiting for? Get the opportunity to have a brighter future. Don’t waste your time and contact us, we will be pleased to help you.

Master in Artificial Intelligence.

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