Many experts speak of Deep Learning as the next technological revolution and the fourth industrial revolution. It is expected that the application of these types of computational processes will multiply by 12 until 2020. In this way, the professionals trained in this field will be key members of the new companies. Do you want to know why if you decide to study Artificial Intelligence you will revolutionize the world? Keep reading!

What is Deep Learning?

Deep learning is the computer system behind Artificial Intelligence. The, also called deep learning, uses structured machine learning algorithms in the form of artificial neural networks. These algorithms allow the machine to learn by itself and be able to develop its own criteria and establish new parameters with which to make and execute decisions.

These deep networks are formed by many layers in which, as in human neural networks, the signals are modified and passing successively through multiple layers of processing and transformation.

Unlike Machine Learning, Deep Learning allows you to automate training processes and create your own criteria automatically, without the need for human intervention.

Uses of Deep Learning

The advantages of Deep Learning are applicable to any data-based system. That is why most economic sectors already have Artificial Intelligence processes to improve their services and performance. Deep Learning is also responsible for several relational technological processes at the user level.

  • Speech recognition. The neural networks applied in Deep Learning are able to model all the acoustic, phonetic and linguistic aspects associated with this task. These structures are capable of self-coding languages.
  • Face recognition and computational vision. This application is fully current for mobile devices and search engines. Thanks to these computer networks, it is possible to learn characteristic facial features and distinguish faces. In the same way, these networks allow to recognize and extract useful information contained in images.
  • Reconstruction of scenes. The Deep Learning has allowed the computational relationship with the images allowing the identification detection, restoration of images and reconstruction of scenes, fundamental elements of technology as revolutionary as that of autonomous cars.
  • Semantic interpretation and natural language. The Deep Learning applied in this field allows to react to commands sent in natural language and get the machines to understand the comments of users and obtain information about their conversations. Deep learning allows the intelligent combination of words to obtain a semantic vision and find the most precise words depending on the context.

Deep Learning in Companies

Companies have been quick to recognize the usefulness of Deep Learning in their projects, integrating deep learning systems in all types of sectors: automotive, marketing and communication, finance, entertainment … All of them use deep learning processes to improve Your activities.

As we have already mentioned, the automotive sector is one of the examples of the technological revolution after Deep Learning. Its use is essential for the guidance of autonomous vehicles through complex processes of recognition, decision making and safe driving, allowing vehicles to react automatically.

Similarly, the field of medicine also uses Deep Learning to process all the medical information generated. For example, results of analysis, radiographs or genomes. Also to obtain personalized and efficient diagnoses and treatments, creating useful predictions and comparatives for the prevention of diseases.

But in addition to technological progress, the combination of Big Data structures of large companies with deep learning processes generate a series of strategic advantages that will change the relationship systems with clients, finances, market studies …

Advantages of Deep Learning in companies

Next, we show you the main advantages that Deep Learning has brought with it:

  • Greater knowledge of the needs, tastes and buying habits of customers to be able to analyze and compute all their data through these algorithms.
  • Improve communication and relationship with the client, recording and interpreting their emotions and opinions and adapt the treatment to the user.
  • The use of Big Data together with the analytical and interpretative capabilities of deep learning will allow to predict trends and needs and offer personalized answers.
  • Prediction and self-defence in cybersecurity.
  • Greater productivity and efficiency by improving response times.
  • Much more complete and updated market analysis.
  • Optimization of the logistic systems and processes of the company.

The possibilities are enormous and implementing Deep Learning is possible in any business that handles data. In addition, being an open technology is adaptable to any problem.

Definitely, artificial intelligence and Deep Learning are the next revolutions and his career has already begun. That is why now the figure of the expert in algorithm design Deep Learning and Big Data is one of the most demanded professions. If you want to know more about the professional future of this field, we have available a master’s degree in Deep Learning. What are you waiting for? Are you ready to start your studies? We will wait for you!

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