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In the recent years, Deep Learning has emerged as one of the most relevant aspects related to technology. We could even think about the next industrial revolution, having robots and IAs working for the companies. However, we should not forget that Deep Learning is also composed by other system that makes it as great as it is. We are talking for example of Machine Learning. Moreover, although some experts are mistaken about it, they are not exactly the same thing.

If you want to understand better what is Deep Learning, you should study one of the best courses about it. They will teach you that Deep learning is the computer system behind Artificial Intelligence. It uses structured machine learning algorithms in the form of artificial neural networks. These algorithms allow the machine to learn by itself and be able to develop its own criteria and establish new parameters with which to make and execute decisions. These deep networks are formed by many layers in which, as in human neural networks, the signals are modified and passing successively through multiple layers of processing and transformation.

Unlike Machine Learning, Deep Learning allows you to automate training processes and create your own criteria automatically, without the need for human intervention. A Deep Learning course will qualify you as a data scientist and will train you to program and implement deep learning tools in large companies and projects. It is not about competing with computers, but about how to take advantage of them to make our work and our life better.

In short, any professional trained in the application of robotics, artificial intelligence, Machine learning, will be learning also about Deep learning. The advantages of Deep Learning are applicable to any data-based system. That is why most economic sectors already have Artificial Intelligence processes to improve their services and performance. Deep Learning is also responsible for several relational technological processes at the user level.

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