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Nowadays, using Artificial Intelligence systems capable of processing Big Data is a necessity. Companies demand systems with advanced intelligence. These systems structure and combine the data on their own, far from human supervision. This Deep Learning technology allows creating behaviour patterns autonomously. As a result, the experts foresee that, in the next few years, a whole market will be generated around artificial intelligence. The future, obviously, will need qualified personnel.

The field of study of a Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning is specific, but its applications are useful for any field beyond the analysis of data. Thus, we can find applications of Artificial Intelligence in medicine, motorsport, telephony and so on. And will be extended to areas as common as home. They will provide solutions in the analysis of images in real time, voice or detection of threats, through deep learning algorithms.

The advantages of Deep Learning are applicable to any data-based system. That is why most economic sectors already have Artificial Intelligence processes to improve their services and performance. Deep Learning is also responsible for several relational technological processes at the user level. Some examples of it will be related with speech recognition as the neural networks applied in Deep Learning are able to model all the acoustic, phonetic and linguistic aspects associated with this task. These structures are capable of self-coding languages.

Deep Learning also works with face recognition and computational vision. This application is fully current for mobile devices and search engines. Thanks to these computer networks, it is possible to learn characteristic facial features and distinguish faces. In the same way, these networks allow to recognize and extract useful information contained in images. And it is really useful for the reconstruction of scenes.

Deep Learning has allowed the computational relationship with the images allowing the identification detection, restoration of images and reconstruction of scenes, fundamental elements of technology as revolutionary as that of autonomous cars.

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