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Machine learning (ML) is a branch of artificial intelligence. It bases itself on the ability that machines have to learn. This learning can take place without the programming of a human person. It can change the behaviour of its programs to learn from its mistakes and improve progressively. Therefore, ML allows the machine to learn by itself through examples of data through the extraction of a model of itself. This model allows the machine to answer to similar cases and prevent errors.

The aspects of machine learning that are improving in popularity are image recognition, data mining, predictive analytics and statistics. This association is what makes professionals differentiate machine learning from artificial intelligence. Although machine learning uses AI features such as automated reasoning or natural language processing, it does not need any other features. It evolves in relation to the scientific study of how the human brain works.

Therefore, as we began to know more and more about this aspect, we also develop the processes that a machine needs to be able to act and think as a person. Technologies able to do specific tasks that humans can do, also use Artificial Intelligence. We can find this capacity in face recognition on applications as Facebook or Snapchat. Those applications can recognize our face perfectly thanks to the capacity that AI has on machines. If you think that you need to explore those areas even more, why don’t you join us in our Machine Learning Degree? Look at the requirements to study our master and you will see how your career grows faster, you will become a professional, an expert on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

A great power carries a great responsibility, and the capabilities of artificial intelligence require an ethical conscience of its uses and applications as well as legal, economic and social aspects. A machine learning degree will not only allow you to benefit from the advantages but also specialize your training for the challenges of this new technology.

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