Advantages and Disadvantages of the use of Artificial Intelligences

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If you are interested in the world of technology, you have already wondered what are the advantages and disadvantages of a revolution as drastic as artificial intelligence. Although an artificial intelligence master will turn you into a specialist in the subject, we will summarize what the results of its use would be. Keep reading to discover them!

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by machines. That is, it consists of creating machines with capabilities similar to the human brain. Specifically, a series of technologies that emulate the characteristics or capabilities of human intelligence, such as learning and solving problems, autonomously.

With this definition, the possibilities of artificial intelligence are immense and can revolutionize any professional sector since data, the basis of learning artificial intelligence, have become a basic tool of the industries.

The advantages of artificial intelligence applications are enormous and varied, although they also bring disadvantages. Studying a master of artificial intelligence means learning to use this double-edged sword and know how to apply it correctly.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Perform an artificial intelligence master will give you access to all these advantages:

Minimize almost completely the possibilities of error and obtain greater precision, when computing and comparing large amounts of variables and data.
Adjudicate complex and dangerous tasks for humans such as space exploration or mining. These machines can be useful to overcome the limitations that humans have.
Machines with artificial intelligence can replace human beings in laborious or painstaking work areas. With this, human beings can focus on tasks of greater responsibility.
They will facilitate our day-to-day, knowing and predicting our needs, tastes and interests, such as digital assistant applications and the predictions of the smartphones we already use today.
Management and analysis of data and records in sensitive areas such as financial activity, detecting anomalies and fraud and organizing capital in the best way. That is why a master of artificial intelligence is one of the most sought-after characteristics of professionals in the industry.
Artificial intelligence can perform repetitive tasks that require a lot of resources and time, increasing efficiency in them. In addition, when lacking emotions it is possible to process and make decisions in a completely rational way.
Development of artificial intelligence games and applications that learn from users and challenge human intelligence. In 2011, the IBM supercomputer defeated the human champions of the American question and answer contest Jeopardy !, as the company had already achieved in IBM in 1996. In this case, it achieved it with its computer program Deep Blue, the world champion of chess Gari Kasparov.
Advances in medicine. Another one of the great applications of artificial intelligence is in the development of intelligent algorithms. These allow to evaluate and diagnose patients, simulate surgeries and brain operations and apply radiosurgery in cases of risk where accuracy is fundamental.

Disadvantages of artificial intelligence

Beyond the possibilities of intelligent computing, the use of AIs also has its drawbacks. Many of them give rise to dilemmas that a professional must know how to answer:

Machines may not be as efficient as humans in altering their responses depending on changing situations. By basing their learning and behaviour on computer data their responses may not adapt to real needs. A Master of Artificial Intelligence prepares professionals to face these challenges and improve the possibilities of this technology.
The British philosopher Nick Bostrom compares the revolution of artificial intelligence with that of automobiles for horses. These animals, when they became unnecessary with the arrival of motor vehicles, gradually disappeared. For Bostrom, AI poses an existential risk comparable to the impact of a large asteroid or nuclear holocaust.
The substitution of human labour for machines will lead to the unemployment of people and the loss of creativity. This is something worrying and also affects land such as Industry 4.0.
After all, the design and application fall on human responsibility. Therefore, it is up to us to use them in the most beneficial way and never in a selfish or evil way.

These advantages and disadvantages make clear the need for professionals trained in the possibilities and responsibilities of the use of artificial intelligence. To achieve this, a Master of Artificial Intelligence will provide you with a complete training in employment, management, design and decision making of artificial intelligence tools from a broad perspective, considering the ethical and legal aspects and the economic and social implications of the automation of business processes. What do you think? Would you like to be one of them? We will wait for you!

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