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Also called communicational intelligence, artificial intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by machines. It is a series of technologies that emulate the characteristics or capabilities of human intelligence, such as learning and solving problems, based on two fundamental characteristics of human cognitive ability: reasoning and behaviour. This artificial intelligence is developed from mathematical learning algorithms and large databases.

Thanks to them, the machine is able to learn and develop behaviours. Artificial Intelligence is making our lives easier and it help us to save time. Our Master in Artificial Intelligence Online will give you the opportunity to have access to this world and develop new technologies. Also, those technologies will save our time and help us with our daily tasks. Even if you are working and don’t have enough time you can do it online, you can do your work and keep up with your family schedule while you study. With our flipped classroom program you can do it whenever and wherever you want! Become a professional now and get a better future with our master.

Despite all the fears of Artificial Intelligence getting the job that human beings usually do, it will also increase the need for new jobs. We can find those jobs in other areas associated to Robotics and Computer Science which will make our lives way much easier. In fact, AI can give us more positive aspects than negatives. Moreover, the creation of several devices related to medicine will help to prevent and discover the solution to several illnesses. Especially the ones that nowadays are being studied without any success. It will help to reduce the human error in a diagnosis, identify warning signs of heart problems or tumours.

Furthermore, it will improve the systems of healthcare information. We can find several cases in which Artificial Intelligence is important in order to make people’s lives easier. In fact, we can see it with things such as robotic parts of the human body as arms or legs.

Master in Artificial Intelligence.

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