The field of Artificial Intelligence is a technical field composed of numerous interrelated processes. Among them the Deep Learning, one of the technologies that are revolutionizing the industry. Below we provide some of the key concepts to understand this artificial intelligence and deep learning processes. To know this technology in depth you can specialize with the University of Alcalá in the Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in Madrid.

Key concepts of Deep Learning

Artificial intelligence

Also called computational intelligence, artificial intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by machines. They are technologies that emulate the characteristics or capabilities of human intelligence, such as learning and solving problems. It is based on two fundamental characteristics of human cognitive ability: reasoning and behaviour.

This artificial intelligence is developed from mathematical learning algorithms and large databases.

These technological skills to perform operations comparable to those performed by the human mind make them the key to the business and scientific future.

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Machine Learning

Also called Machine Learning, it refers to the ability of a machine to learn using large datasets. It is a learning method by which the machine learns by itself through the data. Extracting an own model to give answers to similar future stimuli. This takes advantage of the processing power of modern computers, which easily process large datasets in a short time.

Within the Machine Learning we can find:

  •  Supervised learning, in which the base data of the computer is labelled and structured with an expected result. What allows the machine to learn by trial and error.
  • Unsupervised learning, in which it is an artificial intelligence that makes the logical classifications of the data.

Machine Learning technology is behind the face recognition and filtering systems of Spam.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning or Deep Learning is a method of machine learning. In this system, the intelligent algorithm itself must extract patterns or anomalies to create a model.

Deep Learning systems use structured machine learning algorithms in the form of artificial neural networks. These algorithms allow the machine to learn by itself and be able to develop its own criteria and establish new parameters with which to make and execute decisions.

Deep Learning allows you to automate training processes and create your own criteria automatically. It does not need human intervention.

The training obtained through the Master Deep Learning in Madrid will help to deepen into key concepts of Deep Learning such as:

Neural Networks

Deep Learning performs its processing through these artificial neural networks. They work imitating the human system, allowing the data to be computed in different layers of interconnected neurons. In addition, they transform and communicate information from one to the other, generating deep learning.

In a neural network we can find input layers, output layers and hidden layers, in fact, the origin of the term ‘Deep’ comes from precisely joining several hidden layers, one after the other.

Backpropagation algorithms

They are the key algorithms for the optimization of the learning process. The reproprogation method calculates how the error propagates for each of the layers of the neural network and after a number of iterations, the algorithm tends to find the values that give a minimum error

The importance of this process is that, as the network is trained, the neurons of the intermediate layers organize themselves. In this way, the different neurons learn to recognize different characteristics of the total input space.

The Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in Madrid at the University of Alcalá offers you the possibility to learn these multilayer networks, the algorithms of backpropagation of the error they use and the elaboration of parameters and learning strategies.


Python is a high-level interpreted programming language in which deep learning algorithms are implemented. Currently, Python is one of the most popular languages to work in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Processing of the Natural Language

Natural Language Processing (PLN) technology is based on Deep Learning algorithms with the aim of making computer-assisted understanding and processing of information expressed in human language possible.

These are just some of the key concepts of such a complex and continuously developing field as Deep Learning. Specializing in this field is at your fingertips with the Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in Madrid at the University of Alcalá.

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