artificial intelligence and deep learning

Technologies are transforming the way we used to see our world. Among those technologies we find several fields such as Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. We can describe the first one as the ‘mother’ of deep learning, which is more related to machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), known as a communicational intelligence, provides machines and devices with the capacity to imitate the way a human being thinks. It involves the creation of system with human-like behaviour, providing machines the capacity to act like a person.

Deep Learning allows the machine to learn on its own from its mistakes and by analyzing the data it receives. The algorithm identifies the patterns to be able to create a model from which it will learn for future mistakes. Deep Learning is capable of combining parameters in order to prevent a result and compare it with the correct solution. With this function, it adjusts itself to obtain directly the correct result for the next time. It will also allow systems to avoid doing the same mistakes.

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