Artificial Intelligence Review #4

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What is to come in 2019 for Artificial Intelligence

120 senior executives from the AI field have stated their hopes and predictions on the evolution of this technology. From the rise and growth of the self-driving finances, thanks to specific AI solutions, to the complete personalization of services and experiences in all fields. Then, 2019 will be the year where AI will become a reality for healthcare and autonomous tools and cars.



Lenovo is ready to launch the AI’s laptop

We are more than familiarised with Artificial Intelligence on smartphones. However, there is no reason for AI features to be confined to phones. Now Lenovo is ready to launch a device with built-in AI features. Moreover, while Intel is developing its own AI Project, Lenovo has unbeiled Lenovo Smart Assist for its Yoga notebook. Furthermore, Some of this AI features include Smart locking, face and background recognition and movement track.



AI technology is the star in this year’s Consumer Electronics Show

Two words are dominating CES, the annual consumer electronics extravaganza, underway in Las Vegas. Artificial Intelligence. The Consumer Electronics Show is the worlds gathering place of consumer technologies and its innovations. Moreover, this year all companies are displaying their AI power with washing machines and tv including personal assistants. Furthemore, we can even find toothbrushes analyzing your brushing style.



5 new AI professions that will change the job market

Contrary to the fear of AI destroying Jobs, KPMG published a list of what it predicts will soon become the five most sought-after AI roles. Those new AI based roles are: AI Architect, AI Product Manager, Data Scientist, AI Technology Software Engineer and AI Ethicist. Nonetheless, along with this list, the inform foresight the demand outstripping the supply of this specific technical jobs, making those careers the most profitables ones.



2018 AI developments review

2018 was an exciting year for machine learning and artificial intelligence. It yielded “smarter” AI, real-world applications, improvements in underlying algorithms, and greater discussions on AI’s impact on civilization. Then, lets review it’s higlights and get ready for the innovations comming in 2019.



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