As you have already read, the future of Deep Learning is more than promising, and its importance is now a reality. The demand for professionals specialized in artificial intelligence technology and deep learning is growing in all sectors. Discover the job opportunities offered by a Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning here. Are you ready?

Job opportunities after studying for a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Deep Learning and Machine Learning applications

Nowadays, using Artificial Intelligence systems capable of processing Big Data is a necessity. Companies demand systems with advanced intelligence. These systems structure and combine the data on their own, far from human supervision. This Deep Learning technology allows creating behaviour patterns autonomously.

As a result, the experts foresee that, in the next few years, a whole market will be generated around artificial intelligence. The future, obviously, will need qualified personnel. The field of study of a Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning is specific, but its applications are useful for any field beyond the analysis of data.

Thus, we can find applications of Artificial Intelligence in medicine, motorsport, telephony … and will be extended to areas as common as home. They will provide solutions in the analysis of images in real time, voice or detection of threats, through deep learning algorithms … which you will learn to program in a Master in Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning

Its applications are very diverse. It can be used, among other things, in:

  • Search engines
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Autonomous cars
  • Analysis of the stock market
  • Classification of DNA sequences
  • Spam filters for email
  • Recognition of speech and written language
  • Games

Professional Exits of a Master in Deep Learning

A Deep Learning master will qualify you as a data scientist and will train you to program and implement deep learning tools in large companies and projects. Among the professional opportunities offered by a master of this type are:

Data Mining Consultant

Dedicated to the classification and filtering of data. Professional who uses computing tools and statistics to reveal behaviour patterns.

Data Scientist

Handling large volumes of information from massive sources. Whose objective is to find answers in a wide field, from habits of consumption to health.

NLP Consultant

He works with the computational linguistics of processing (NLP), generation (NLG) and comprehension (NLU) of natural language. Use machine learning to find information and relationships in the text.

On the other hand, becoming an artificial intelligence engineer, IA developer and technical consultant are other of the most common outputs, although as we have said before the advantages of Deep Learning are applicable to many fields, so these positions can be developed within of fields as varied as:


The security in the financial transactions of the big banks of the world is modernized more and more. Artificial intelligence and deep learning allow detecting anomalies and self-defense against cyber attacks, providing greater security and reliability.


One of the fields most benefited with the arrival of professionals trained with a Master in Deep Learning is that of medicine. The algorithms used in this field allow the processing of information that allows detecting more quickly and more effectively the diseases and various clinical cases that arise.


The commercial sector is another one of the great ones favoured before the great versatility of deep learning. In particular, a very versatile application is that of a commercial nature. Not only allows the modernization of applications and shopping platforms, but also the analysis of users, emotions, markets … which becomes better services and greater efficiency.

New professional profiles linked to Deep Learning

According to Pedro Domingos, Professor at the University of Washington and author of the book “The Máster Algorithm”, some professions will disappear. Others will not, but will undergo changes, becoming very different from what they are currently. Finally, there will be many other completely new ones that we can not even imagine now: cognitive computing research, computer vision specialist, Deep Learning Research Scientist …

It is not about competing with computers, but about how to take advantage of them to make our work and our life better. A Master in Artificial Intelligence will not only give you the skills to face this future, it will also recycle your profession and work system.

That is why the industries will require many programmers, engineers, mathematicians, analysts … In short, any professional trained in the application of robotics, artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning, big data analysis …

All of them are relatively recent and continuously advancing fields, in which many professionals will be needed in the coming years. Hence, the main universities are beginning to offer study programs or specialized courses in these areas, such as the Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning offered by the University of Alcalá.

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