In the last decade, technology and digitalization have experienced a large development all over the world. Because of this, it was clear that the internet was going to have a lot to do with the technological advancements in the future. We have seen the growth of mobile technologies, and now that has even turned into Artificial Intelligence (AI) devices. This technology is taking over many areas and industry sectors. For example, Artificial Intelligence is uplifting rural areas in India and helping them grow. Do you want to know how this technology is helping rural areas and what is its role on that process? Keep reading!

What is the role of AI?

Artificial intelligence is considered the future of technology and digitalization. As some of us already know, Artificial Intelligence refers to the process of making machines intelligent, independent and with human-like characteristics. Its capacity to contribute to almost every sector of the industry offers many possibilities for governments and society to grow. That is why, many businesses around the globe have incorporated this technology into their procedures, products and services.

The pursuit of this technological development has reached governments. Because of that, they re now trying to implement Artificial Intelligence in fields like healthcare, education, economy or agriculture. There is no doubt AI will be an essential foundation in the future of every country. However, how can this technology impact areas such as healthcare? How can it affect how people access their healthcare services? For example, AI, machine learning and deep learning algorithms can predict future events of patients. This way, and capturing vitals of patients, doctors can detect and prevent possible diseases.

Artificial Intelligence within the healthcare system

There are many other ways AI can be useful in the healthcare field. Artificial Intelligence can help inexperienced doctors to make the right decisions. Some organisations will try to do so by creating partnerships to develop AI based medical machinery. One example is India, where they are trying to improve the conditions of the population and provide a better healthcare system. However, their main issue is the growing population and the great amount of issues that causes.

India has a large amount of  healthcare problems that overpopulation causes. They lack good doctors and their inadequate infrastructures have very limited access to services. Despite this, with the help  and incorporation of Artificial Intelligence and technology, problems like this can be solved. That way, the healthcare system could improve and get better results.

The improvement of rural areas by AI

Agriculture is another area where Artificial Intelligence can contribute to. As we explained above, the growing population is a big issue that can also have consequences in the farming sector. AI is helping farmers to take more efficient decisions and implement different tools that improve weed killing or the harvest of better crops. Other technologies such as image recognition, drones, automated intelligent monitoring or irrigation systems are also part of this development. We cannot deny that AI will bring a more efficient and affordable agriculture for countries with large rural areas like India.

Another big issue of a country like India is the high dropout rates from the education system and the poor quality of it. Investigations show that near the 50% of high school students in rural areas are not able to perform basic mathematical problems. Artificial Intelligence can solve issue like this by using interactive learning. This way, AI can help with the creation of smart rural classrooms and making education more interesting for students. The main focus is the development of rural areas and the modernization of classrooms in those areas. All this, can lead to the improvement of the quality of education in remote regions and can provide a better future for population there.

Do you want to know more?

There are many ways Artificial Intelligence can help to improve society and every industry. That is why is extremely important for every company and business to count on professionals on this field. Do you want to study some something related to AI and other technologies such as deep learning? We have got the solution! The Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in the University of Alcalá. You will learn everything you need to know about these technologies and their multiple application. Join us now!

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