Voice recognition is a biometric technology that uses the voice of an individual to achieve identification. This type of biometric solutions are quite popular. It is due to the number of devices from which we can take voice samples and their ease of integration. We have to consider that voice recognition is different from the speech recognition technology. Which recognizes words as the person speaks, and which is not a biometric technology. If you want to know more about it, just keep reading!

Biometric characteristics of the voice

The process of identifying people through voice recognition is possible thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Machine Learning. It also depends on various characteristics of the individual. On the one hand we can see the physical structure of the vocal tract. On the other, we can find certain behavioral characteristics. At the time of the identification process, we have to consider the variability of the voice signal. Also, it is like that since the individual cannot repeat exactly the same word or phrase in the same way.

We have two main ways to perform voice recognition. Depending on whether the system is dependent on a text (a password or a phase programmed within the system), or is independent of it. From where we obtain the voice samples, we can also analyse the content of the speech frequency, comparing it with the characteristics of quality, duration, dynamics, intensity and tone of the signal. After the processing of the sample, we make the comparison  with those that are in the database. In this case, the system will determine a similarity ratio, due to the variability that characterizes the voice signal.

Speech recognition system training

For the correct operation of the speech recognition system, a phase prior to the operation phase is necessary. In this aspect, Machine Learning is very important due to the fact that it allows machines to learn from their own mistakes. Furthermore, Machine Learning will predict possible problems and mistakes on the process of training.

In this phase, which we know as training, we obtain the characteristics of each of the speakers. They can identify themselves initially in the system inside a database of patterns and biometric references. The necessity for this phase does not exclude the possibility of new inscriptions where biometric speech patterns. Those patterns incorporate new individuals to enable their identification through it.

System operation

Once we obtain the voice signal, it must be processed to efficiently obtain the information present in the acoustic signal. We can find this information in a vector of biometric characteristics. After obtaining the vector of biometric characteristics, a comparison is made with those stored in the database to obtain the similarity between the vector obtained at that moment and each of the stored vectors.

This comparison is made in the so-called Similarity Calculation Module, and results in a match matrix. The last phase of the voice recognition process is the one that corresponds with the decision making process is the most critical in the system. With the match matrix you must decide on the identity of the individual who has generated the voice signal.

The system has its weakneses

Although voice recognition is a good option to solve identification problems due mainly to its easy implementation.  It has to consider the possible susceptibility to the transmission channel. And then, the variations of the microphone or the noise that may be generated within the transmission channel, which can lead to an increase in the false negative rate. However, Machine Learning can identify those problems and anticipate them, obtaining better results thanks to the development of technology.

The Speech Recognition systems that we already have

Nowadays, we already have apps and systems that include Speech Recognition in our smartphones. We can perfectly distinguish the Artificial Intelligence’s voice control system, also known as personal assistants, Siri (Apple)  and Alexa (Amazon), for example. They can recognise your voice and take orders from you, they can even create a shopping list and fulfill it with your commands. Furthermore, we can even find speech recognition in websites or even in several restaurants where you can order your meal through this system.

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