Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important fields in technology nowadays. There has been a large development in the last decades. Usually, we have a distorted image of AI. We think of those film versions from Hollywood. But actually, Artificial Intelligence is becoming one of the most useful fields.

It is possible to see how companies invest in this area. It is likely one of the fields in tecnology that will develop the most. But, how can it affect industries? How can it help? Do you want to know more? Then, keep reading!

What is Artificial Intelligence?

First of all, it is important to describe what is exactly Artificial Intelligence. As previously mentioned, the image of this technology is quite distorted by films. Probably one of the most famous ideas is a robot turning against humanity. But that’s far from reality.

We could describe Artificial Intelligence as the area of computer science that permits the creation of intelligent machines. Said machines work and think they way human beings would do. Some of the features AI are supposed to do include speech recognition, learning, planning, etc.

Yet, machines can act and react like a human being if they have enough information. This is what is called knowledge engineering. Artificial Intelligence must have access to objects, information, properties, etc, to implement this. Initiating common sense, problem-solving powers in machines is a difficult task.

There are different types of AI: the K-Mean, the Tree, the NN-Type, etc. Thus, these categories and strategies will help the machines to develop their intelligence. Moreover, the research associated to this field is highly technical and specialised. The core problems of AI include programming computers for certain tasks such as reasoning.

How does it works?

But, how does a machine learn? How can we make it think the way human beings would do?

Machine learning, along with knowledge engineering, is one of the key features of Artificial Intelligence. Learning without supervision implies having the ability to identify patterns. On the other hand, learning with supervision involves classification and numerical regressions.

Mathematical analysis of machine learning algorithms is a well-defined branch of theoretical computer science. It is often called computational learning theory.

The field of Machine Learning focuses on the development of said algorithms to analyse data and make predictions. This is the main goal of Artificial Intelligence: To analyse and use the vast amount of data available. This knowledge is applied to healthcare, pharma and other life sciences industries. Due to AI, professionals of these areas can have a better medical image interpretation or it can help to accelerate drug developments.

Yet, there are other features Artificial Intelligence uses. For example, Deep Learning. This is a field inside Machine Learning that uses artificial neural networks that learn using data. They try to imitate the real neural networks in the human brain. This way, we can say that the machine thinks.

Yet, we have other features. We have cognitive computing. It tries to imitate and improve the interaction between humans and machines. They want to recreating the human thought process in a computer model.

Artificial Intelligence has a large future ahead. More companies are investing in it and there will be a wide development in the following years. Media has also started to predict the new trends in this area.

What’s the use of AI and computer vision?

In the last years, more and more areas use computer vision. But, what is it exactly?

Computer vision can be defined as the capability for a machine to analyse visual information and take decisions about it. They use sources such as videos, photographs, etc.

Computer vision permits drones, robots and other devices controlled by computers to run with more productivity and security. In a digital era, photographs would be less valuable without computer vision processing.

Companies are aware of this. Therefore, they started to create applications to customise user experience. For example, Modiface allows the user to try on makeup with their phones only. Mtailor permits user to customise pants and shirt with the same procedure.

The area of computer vision started years ago. Google stored pictures and the computer made sense of the patterns without additional help. This was the beginning of what we know as deep learning.

The use of computer vision can be vast nowadays. This technology can help users in their daily lives. For example, cars with cameras that allow them to notice the obstacles. Moreover, computer vision can be used in the healthcare field. This is because 90% of it consist on picture-based materials.

Many developers are looking for solutions to join computer vision and augmented reality, another rising field. Many companies are investing in this technology and the area is one of the fields that people want to study the most.

These innovations can improve our daily lives. Moreover, different fields such as Finances, Healthcare, etc, can benefit from it as well. It is just a matter of time to see what Artificial Intelligence can bring to our society. We will have to wait and see. Probably the results will be astonishing.

Do you want to be a part of this?

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