Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important fields in technology nowadays. We can find great improvements in areas such as medicine, industry, finances and even the automotive sector. However, Artificial Technology has reached social media too. One of the many examples is the Instagram influencer Lil Miquela. A robot that is becoming more and more famous as the days pass. Do you want to know more about Artificial Intelligence and how instagram influencers are taking advantage of it? Keep reading!

How did Artificial Intelligence reach Instagram?

We all know how many people one single Instagram influencer can reach with her or his posts. However, most of the influencer we know are real people. The case is rather different with Miquela Sousa (@lilmiquela). This “girl” has the typical image of an it-girl. She publishes photos every single day wearing fashion labels such as Diesel or Prada. In addition to that, she also models with other artists and models from Los Angeles or New York. Basically her fame has been growing since she first appeared in 2016. Right now she moves around the 1.5 Million followers.

Lil Miquela also follows the standards of other international influencers around the world. She does not only post pictures of herself wearing and promoting clothes. Besides, she joined political campaigns such as Black Lives Matter and dropped a few singles. However, many people started to notice something was not right with this influencer. They felt she was too perfect, too unreal. That was when her followers began to wonder whether she was a computer generated character or not.

Lil Miquela, the daughter of an Artificial Intelligence start-up

After a while, in 2018 people discovered the truth. Lil Miquela was not a real human being. She was the daughter of Brud, an Artificial Intelligence and Robotics start-up based in Los Angeles. At the beginning, the Brud explained they had created Lil Miquela for another company. Her purpose was to use her to accompany kids with terminal conditions. However, they discovered she was just going to be used as a sexual object. That obviously changed everything. Nevertheless…, something did not fit with the start-up company either.

Even though they claimed to be an Artificial Intelligence start-up in order to make a social study, that was a lie as well. This Instagram influencer was born as an artificial character created with a computer-generated imagery (CGI). But, what was her mission? As simple as promoting clothing brands. That way, Lil Miquela became the first AI influencer and a referent for others.

What was Lil Miquela created for?

Besides from creating online content on Instagram, this AI influencer purpose included other points. For example, the company Brud wanted to show their clients the different possibilities marketing has in this new technological era. And with the large number of followers Lil Miquela currently has, we cannot deny their marketing strategy has worked perfectly.

A different Artificial Intelligence character would be the tv-character Waldo. This Black Mirror character presented himself as a friendly and witty digital character that ends up serving some corporate interests in the show. An even though the rest of the people in the story know he is not real, that does not make him less valuable or influential.

What will Artificial Intelligence bring us in the future?

Technology is constantly changing and improving, and the same happens with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Because of this, we do not know what the future holds. However, we need to be prepared for the many changes that can come up. What is more, we need to predict and control what AI can offer us as a society in order to make it safe. If you are interested in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, we have the best option for you. The Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning from the University of Alcalá de Henares.
In this incredible and innovate master you will be able to become one of the best experts on this technological field. You will also acquire most important principles, tools and implications of artificial systems. And what is more, when you finish you will be able to build applications in diverse areas such as arts, humanities, sciences and business. This could not get any better! Join us today, and do not doubt if you have any questions and contact us. We will be glad to help you. We are waiting for you in the Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning!

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