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Deep Learning is, after all, a system with the purpose to improve the efficiency of an IA, an Artificial Intelligence. Specifically, this works in the fields that use algorithms and supervised learning. It is thanks to it that an IA can learn and imitate the mind of a human.

Therefore, we cannot only talk about Deep and Machine Learning, but also about its integration in the functionalizing of the intelligence of the machine. Many experts are looking forward for a future with large number of IAs working for us. In the search of this world, they design and develop new technologies every day. One of the main examples is Machine Learning. It is a discipline that seeks to reduce the need for human intervention.

The new objective is a higher and better productivity and they are getting it. So, it is clear now. The IA is the mastermind and it works thanks to learning. However, which are the differences between Deep Learning and Machine. If you are interested in changing the future of the society through Robotics and Computer Science, this is a perfect opportunity for you. With a Deep Learning Online course you will increase your knowledge and reach a new speciality, becoming a high skilled professional. As an expert, you will find a big range of job opportunities in several and different fields.

The University of Alcala gives you the chance to begin a new era. We offer you a good program and outstanding professors with great experience. With a sound preparation of 60 ECTS, you will exploit your talent and knowledge. Also, with the possibility of doing it online, you can do it at home at any time whenever and wherever you want. Machines and devices have developed the capability to learn and develop behaviours similar to the human cognitive ability of reasoning. It is thanks to the mathematical algorithms and databases of artificial intelligence and deep learning.

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