The use of Artificial Intelligence has increased in the last years. This field is growing up incredibly fast and companies know it. They are not the only ones that use AI. People have several devices that have AI in them. Thus, this technology has become an essential part of our lives. For example, it is more common the use of Siri in Apple devices or Cortana in Windows. Besides, the use of AI will become more important in the following years. But what are the possibilities of AI? Here you have the predictions about the use of Artificial Intelligence for 2019. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

What is an AI?

First, it is important to display what is an AI to know the concepts. Moreover, it is a way to know the importance of this technology nowadays and its impact on society. Artificial intelligence could be defined as a branch of computer science focused on the creation of machines capable of doing tasks that usually require human intelligence. AI is an interdisciplinary science with multiple approaches.

Basically, an AI’s endeavor is to replicate or imitate human behaviour and intelligence. These has generated several debates with questions such as Can machines think? This field falls under two broad categories: Narrow AI, which is considered the ‘weak AI’. This operates within a limited context and it tries to replicate human intelligence. We also find Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Sometimes is referred as ‘Strong AI’ and it is a machine with general intelligence and, as a human being, can apply it to solve any problem.

This technology has increased in the last years and it has different possibilities in the market. For example, film industry has been using this machines to create films. Moreover, it is not the only area that uses AI. Another example would be that of the videogames industry. The system makes predictions for future references in movements or actions by user.

Predictions for 2019

The implementation of this technology is becoming more and more common. 2019 will be a year of new discoveries and systems. Here you have some of the predictions on Artificial Intelligence for this year.

  • Virtual agents: In the last years, several business started using chatbots. But in 2019 it will be more common not only to use this technology, but also virtual agents that can handle more tasks. This will lead to a faster service for the customers and an increase of profits for your business.
  • Speech Recognition: Alexa, the AI of Amazon, was a success years ago. This system made possible for people to search information and do tasks around the home. Therefore, we expect to see more Speech Recognition systems in 2019. Other companies, such as Sony or TiVo are creating TVs that can be controlled by voice.
  • Smarter Retail Recommendations: When a user shops online, many companies will be able to create recommendations based on previous purchases. In 2019, these systems will be even more intelligent.
  • Image Recognition: This refers to the ability of computers to acquire, process and analyze data from visual sources. In a way, this means that the system can ‘see’. There are many uses for this technology: diagnose diseases, detect license plates, among others. Experts consider this tecnology will experiment an increase in 2019.
  • Cyber defense: Cybercriminals are using devices such as cloud infraestructure, internet of things, software-as-a-service, etc. This is a real menace for business owners. Nevertheless, Artificial Intelligence will allow the prevention and the fight cyber threats and hacking in 2019. AI can detect abnormal activity and defend the system before the menace becomes uncontrollable.

The future of AI

As you can see, Artificial Intelligence allows both people and companies to improve their lives. Yet, there is a debate whether this technology is safe or not. For example, the use of Smarter Retail Recognition, which might base their recommendations on the Internet browser of the user. Thus, this leads to a debate of security and privacy and if AI might be dangerous for it.

Nevertheless, there are several strategies to improve this. AI is an increasing field with several possibilities and a fast development. If you want to become part of this, you can’t miss the opportunity to study our Master in Artificial Intelligence. Contact us for more information!

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