Technology has had an enormous progress over the last decade in our society and lives. The understanding of the potential and the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other new technologies is key for our governments. They have not only undermined governance and management, they have algo redefined the boundaries of human decision makers. And with that, the limits between human and machine intelligence or the limits between man and machine.

Because of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the power dynamics are changing from humans to algorithms. Do you want to know how this can threaten global peace and security? Does it have any benefits? Keep reading and find out!

Artificial Intelligence and the redefinition of power

New inventions and technological developments have been helping humans for ages. They have encouraged economic growth and also changed security systems. Artificial Intelligence has also revolutionized human ecosystems in cyberspace, geospace and space. The question that arises now is: are countries prepared for the impact of these technological changes? We do not know how Artificial Intelligence will exactly determine the global trajectory in the next years. However, geopolitics can help us identify some steps of these process.

Geopolitics is the study of the influence of factor such as geography, economics, and demography on the politics and the foreign policy of a country. These kind of governmental studies will be affected by AI. Even though Artificial Intelligence has benefits, it can also create some security problems to many countries and nations. It is important to think about how AI will redefine power, and which consequences can it have on a social, economic and political level. What is more, it is essential to consider the potential security threats it could lead to.

Artificial Intelligence Battlefield

Every nation is trying to get ready for the infrastructure, data and intelligence battle led by Artificial Intelligence. The players on this battlefield are already developing war arsenals, including nuclear, biological and cyber weapons. The first thing to do is to understand who these players are, what they control and what are the geopolitical implications of this battle.

It is also important to understand the risks of war weapons based on technology because of the dangers it might have on geopolitics. Wars have always had alliances. However, with Artificial Intelligence that can change too. With AI, the division of global alliances can come to and end because of the different AI journeys nations decide to take.

Changes in the balance of power

AI is changing the power balance of every country, and with that threatening global peace and security. Due to its potential to redefine relations between countries and also between humans and machines, AI can change many things. For example, the current geographical infrastructure, which plays a big role in a nation’s trayectory, is being replaced by digital infrastructure. Many countries such as Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, US or Japan, already have some type of AI strategy. To develop this kind of strategy, nations have to implement the proper digital infrastructure, something which many other countries lack of.

In order to achieve this new digital infrastructure, countries will have to develop the right strategy. This strategy will be based on strong human resources, the essence of Artificial Intelligence. Even with the fast growth of AI, the human factor is still key for its success on every nation in order to control risks. Ever since AI entered in politics, the evaluation of it potential impact was crucial. As human beings, we will have to study Artificial Intelligence patterns of our nations and get prepared for the future.

How to get ready for the future of AI

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