In the last few years, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence have played a role in the medical field and the access of patients to healthcare. Patients fill hospitals and they must wait before getting an appointment with the doctor. And the solution of hiring more physicians might not be a solution after all. It is important for them to have realistic schedules and time to check every patient. Moreover, according to a study published by the American College of Physicians, primary care physicians spends 49 percent of the work time involved in administrative tasks. So how does the development of Artificial Intelligence help to this area and these problems? What are the solutions given nowadays? Keep reading to know more!

Defining what is AI

What is technically Artificial Intelligence? The list of novels and films that depicts this as a number of robots with hunger of power is far from the truth. Actually, the field of AI goes from the simple tasks automated by simple platforms to machines with more complex system, such as robot-assistance surgery. Lately, the field of technology and more especifically the area of Artificial Intelligence experienced an increase and a large development. The healthcare sector is one of the most growing areas of interest of the Artificial Intelligence field and its possibilities in the future. This sector is already familiar with the latest investments and machines created to improve the diagnoses of the physicians and its different treatments.

This application of the AI does not imply the substitution of people for robots. Actually, this raises the debate about the physicians not being able of spend enough time with their patients. This is because they involve administrative tasks that solve problems in different ways: taking notes, filling medical records, etc. These activities take too much time during a doctor’s day. Time that could be invested in listening to the patients and consulting them about unhealthy lifestyles and prevention of illnesses. This reflects the so-called ’15-minute doctor’s appointment’ which damaged the relationship between the patients and the physicians. This is because it forces them to act as a ‘robot’ doctor. Physicians then do not spend enough time talking with their patients.

The applications of Artificial Intelligence

The development of Big Data and AI helped to compensate the time that physicians lose in paperwork. They can optimize the distribution of the schedules to adapt it to the patient’s need. This is by relying on previous data stored.  The AI considers the reality of the hospital or clinic’s needs. The more data the system stores, the more efficient is the schedule provided, offering a service according with patient demands.

Theoretically speaking, a human being could compile the essential information, analyse it and create the schedules according to the needs. But in practice, the reality of the situation implies more difficulties to this tasks. Time is lacking and the trends in those reports might change during the time of its elaboration. Therefore, the most advantageous solution is the use of Artificial Intelligence.

These systems could analyse millions of possibilities almost in an instant. Besides, the more complex a clinic or a hospital is, the more time needs the professional to create the reports. The Harvard Business Review listed 10 promising applications of AI, for example, virtual assistants . In 2018, China implemented the use of a cabin in a public space. This cabin had personal healthcare without a physical physician. Moreover, Ping An Good Doctor, the name of the company, decided to add more cabins.

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