Artificial Intelligence Review #6

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– Artificial Intelligence News #6 –


Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence they have identified another species of an unknown hominid

Spanish investigators have identified the trace of new species of hominids. Known till now in the genome of Asian persons. This new species would come from the crossing between neandertales and denisovanos. Then, the study published by Nature Communications, has used the Artificial Intelligence and has managed to consolidate the hypothesis, by means of the use of algorithms and methods-year-old statisticians third extinct species that coexisted with the human beings after a part of the population of modern men was going out of Africa.



BBVA stands out for its uses as for Artificial intelligence

The magazine Forbes revises in this reportage the different technological advances that BBVA has already adopted “to improve its platform (especially as for the mobile functionalities) and to create new digital hardware”. Furthermore, one of the first technological investments it was to develop a platform centred on the user. This way, the platform of development of mobile banking of the Group.



Thanks to the AI we can know like temina the unfinished Schubert symphony

The Chinese technological company Huawei Cadogan Hall of London presented this Monday in the room a “finished” version of the unfinished Symphony of Franz Schubert (Vienna, January 31, 1797 – November 19, 1828). But it was composed from an algorithm of Artificial Intelligence that has used the power of one of the mobile phones of the signature. Therefore, the software analyzed the stamp, the tone and other characteristics of the first two movements of the Symphony if minor that the Austrian musician composed.



That a company can do to implement the Artificial intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence is changing the way that companies are creating. However, for many business it turns out to be difficult to adapt itself to the new business models and to create a culture ready for the IA. An investigation of Forbes Insights has showed that many companies have not been able to implement the IA sucessfuly. But, that’s why we offer you a website where they share 8 steps to implement the Artificial Intelligence in a company.



Spanish expert in AI records for Just Eat

Rey Villaverde was employed at Easy Jet from the year 2006. He has been head of byline science for three years. During his stage in the airline he was the brain behind the intelligence of the information that have supposed a big cost saving for the company. Then, Just Eat has recorded the Spanish expert in Artificial Intelligence Alberto Rey Villaverde. Consecuently, he occupied the charge of chief byline officer of the company with head office in London.



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MIquela is the revolution of AI. Therefore, she is an Artificial Intelligence ‘influencer’. With 1.3 million Instagram followers, she’s just like any other fashion blogger. With perfectly planned posts, a themed feed and a penchant for sharing useful advice. But what makes her different? She’s not human. Let’s have a look at her Instagram!

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