Artificial Intelligence Review #8

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We use the Artificial intelligence without being aware of it

Many times when we think about Artificial Intelligence, what comes to out minds is the image of films like Yo, Robot, Blade Runner or 2001 Odyssey in space. In those films we find intelligent machines dispute the hegemony of the human being. We are worried due to the illusion of a futuristic and hypertechnological world. However, the reality is that, at this precise moment, you are already using Artificial Intelligence in many more ways than you can imagine. Do you want to discover them?


Artificial Intelligence, a new tool against epidemies

The engineer Rainier Mallol has created AIME, an instrument to prevent some epidemies such as Dengue, Zika or Chikungunya from spreading so easily and quickly. The health control systems established so far are only able to study how a disease will behave once it has appeared. The new aspect of his new invention is that, through large data analysis, you can forecast up to three months in advance where and when future outbreaks will arise.


Mankind’s Last Invention

Artificial Intelligence: Mankind’s Last Invention – Technological Singularity Explained: Go is arguably the most complex board game. Its goal is simple, sorround more territory than your opponent, this game has been played by humans for the past 2,500 years and is thought to be the oldest board game still being played today. However, it’s not only humans that are playing this game now. In 2016 google deepmind’s Alphago beat 18 time world champion Lee Sedoll in four out of five games. Nowadays, a computer beating a human at a game like chess or checkers wouldn’t be that impressive, but Go is different.


5 things to know about AI

Artificial Intelligence is taking automation to a new level at an increasing number of companies.Here are five things to know about this technology, often called AI. AI is computer software and hardware that allows machines to perform tasks that mimic human intelligence and perception. AI technology includes Machine Learning, Deep Learning, natural language processing and computer vision. It can process massive amounts of data, get conclusions about it and make decisions.


Humanoid Robots and Artificial Inelligence

When people think of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the major image that pops up in their heads is a robot. A robot that is gliding around and giving mechanical replies.There are many forms of AI but humanoid robots are one of the most popular forms. They have been depicted in several Hollywood movies and if you are a fan of science fiction, you might have come across a few humanoids. One of the earliest forms of humanoids was created in 1495 by Leonardo Da Vinci. It was an armor suit and it could perform a lot of human functions such as sitting, standing and walking. It even moved like a real human was inside it.


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Adam Coates

A former Stanford University doctorate, Adam, is an Operating Partner at Khosla Ventures. He has developed Deep Learning softwares for some of the most high-performance computing systems with a team at Stanford. His deep learning expertise is used for unsupervised learning, object detection, and self-driving cars at Baidu, and Stanford AI.

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