When we talk about high technology and artificial intelligence, we always associate them with the great economic and technological powers such as China, Japan, the United States or England. But, contrary to what may seem, the European Union leads technological development in the number of studies, patents, researchers and technology companies, and among them is Spain one of the nations with the most technological startups. Specializing in a Master in Artificial Intelligence in Spain does not seem crazy, we tell you why.

Favourable Technological Situation of Spain

According to a study carried out by Atómico (one of the most important investment funds in Europe) and Slush (the main start-up conference in Europe), a boom in new technologies is taking place in Europe. So much so that in 2017, among the 25 powers in technological innovation, 15 Europeans could be found.

On the other hand, Spain in spite of not appearing in this ranking is one of the first powers in what concerns to the creation of startups, technological skills and percentage of investment in the rough. The formative relevance of new technologies is such that our country is among the top five countries in Europe in the number of professional developers behind the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Russia.

Among the greatest technological professional skills, we find a high percentage of expert professionals in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. In the State of European Tech study, we can also find the cities of Madrid and Barcelona as the third major European core of professionals specialized in Artificial Intelligence.

As a result, Spain has also become one of the preferred destinations for technological collaborations with a positive increase in the number of congresses and concentrations linked to technology.

Startup growth

A large part of Spain’s technological innovation stems from initiatives in the form of Startups, in which both entrepreneurs and investors develop research related to the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Many of these projects find their success in the development of applications and projects for other large companies and in investments and external financing.

Studying a Master of Artificial Intelligence in Spain not only allows you to apply your knowledge and technological solutions to other companies, it also means the opportunity to undertake your own intelligent project as they have already done:

  • Sherpa. It is a project led by Xabier Uribe-Etxebarría to create a virtual personal assistant. Sherpa is capable of learning and coding complex functions that allow us to infer and anticipate the relevant information at every moment. The startup has reached important agreements with the mobile manufacturer Samsung.
  • Hutoma Conversational artificial intelligence solution powered by Deep Learning. The objective is to create a chatbots platform that allows to understand the natural language of the clients and provide personalized and autonomous solutions, with the reduction of costs and increase of efficiency in customer service that this entails.

Future of Artificial Intelligence in Spain

Before deciding on the Master in Artificial Intelligence in Spain it is normal to ask about the future of this technology. For Spanish companies, artificial intelligence is a technology that will revolutionize business in the long term. That is why more than 46% of companies are trying to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence and have a pilot project underway, while 11% are already seeing results.

Among the reasons why employers want to adopt these technologies include: improving customer satisfaction, reducing costs thanks to AI, improving decision-making and the development of new business opportunities.

Predictive analysis and recognition by language and voice are the two applications of AI with more potential for Spanish companies, which also have in this field the strategic advantage of the potential of the Spanish language, being the second most spoken language in the world, which allows expanding its efforts to Latin American countries.

As you can read about the technological situation in Spain is in full development. We need technological and industrial innovation. Therefore, the advantages offered by Artificial Intelligence technology are the next objective of the national and international companies here. Doing a Master in Artificial Intelligence in Spain will expand your knowledge and your work possibilities inside and outside of Spain. Cheer up!

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