There are many who think that the next revolution that will take place in the industry will be based on Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. If you want to be part of it, the solution is very simple. You have to study! Nowadays there is a lot of competition, and it’s hard to be the best, but everything is an effort. If you want to study a master in Deep Learning or a master in Artificial Intelligence, here you have all the information necessary to be one of them. Keep reading!

Student profile

The program of the Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning is aimed at professionals, students or interested in knowing the various tools of Deep Learning applicable in various productive sectors.

Contrary to what may seem, a master in artificial intelligence is not exclusive for students or technical professionals, although they are a majority. It is also a useful and accessible training for engineers, graduates and graduates of economics, law or medical sciences. The variability is due to the fact that these technologies are being implemented in so many sectors that we can access them simply by specializing.

What are those requirements?

As we have already seen, there are many people who can access a master’s degree in Deep Learning or a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence. But when it comes to the truth, only a few succeed due to the following requirements:

  •  Linguistic Competencies: Due to the constant advances in the field, it is necessary to have an appropriate level of English for reading, studying and understanding technical documentation. In addition, it is important to know different computer programming languages.
  •  Computer Competencies: Knowledge in computer activities is essential both for the subject of study and for being an eminently technological and practical activity.
  • Scientific Competencies: Those that allow us, following the scientific procedure, to look for answers to the questions posed.

Artificial Intelligence together with Deep Learning will maximize and refine previously complex processes and will generate a revolution in data processing.

What you will learn with a master’s degree in Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The study plans of these studies are complete and deep, where you can learn how to apply the techniques to different sectors. But in essence, this will be all you can learn in a Master in Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence:

  •  The different techniques and phases that comprise the development of artificial intelligence solutions.
  • To manage, program and parameterize advanced tools for the creation of intelligent software.
  • Know the formal foundations of the tools of Machine Learning and, in particular, of Deep Learning.
  • Be able to implement the different algorithms in order to solve real problems and understand the difficulties of implementing such algorithms in practice.
  • Propose solutions based on Deep Learning.
  • The capacity for integration of new developments of artificial intelligence to existing computer systems.

Professional Careers of a Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

According to the prestigious consulting firm McKinsey, in 2025 the potential of the different applications of Artificial Intelligence will represent 11% of the world economy. In particular, it will affect areas such as Mobile Internet, Internet of Things, automation of knowledge-based work, autonomous driving, smart robotics, virtual agents, natural language processing and artificial vision, as well as vertical applications for health, finance, insurance, logistics, telecommunications, energy …

When you finish a Masters in Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence if you want to specialize further, you can work as:

  • Datamining consultant.
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Scientist
  • NLP consultant (expert in natural language processing).
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer / Machine Learning Engineer.
  • Responsible for Artificial Intelligence (CAIO).
  • AI Developer.
  • Architect of Artificial Intelligence Systems.
  • Engineer in artificial vision.
  • Technological consulting
  • Entrepreneurship

A professional and technological future at your fingertips! If you want to become one of these professionals, let go and begin your studies of a master in Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. You will not regret! The future awaits you!

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