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We can say that Deep Learning allows the machine to learn by itself. This learning takes all the input received, that is to say, all the data and information. The algorithm itself identifies patterns and anomalies in order to create a model and prevent future errors. Deep learning is then able to combine different parameters to prevent an unwanted event. Once the machine compares different outcomes, it can also expect the better results and plans to get it.

There are a lot of courses nowadays. Some of them are focused in the online teaching of Deep Learning. However, we need to understand first what it is exactly in the practise. Facebook have always been the perfect example of Deep Learning. When we label photos, the website is able to detect which faces appear and the location of the photo. In this way, the Facebook is a machine that learns in a game of who is who. In this case, thanks to Deep Learning, Facebook can get a ton of data just because it knows you and your face.

Consequently, the website can offer you different recommendations, like possible friends, because your face appears also in some of their photos. Deep Learning performs its processing through these artificial neural networks. They work imitating the human system, allowing the data to be computed in different layers of interconnected neurons.

In addition, they transform and communicate information from one to the other, generating deep learning. In a neural network we can find input layers, output layers and hidden layers, in fact, the origin of the term ‘Deep’ comes from precisely joining several hidden layers, one after the other. If you want to specialize in Deep Learning, we strongly encourage you to take the best Deep Learning Online course, here at the University of Alcalá, in Madrid.

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