We are at the beginning of an industrial and technological revolution, the one produced by the development of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It is expected that the application of these types of computational processes will multiply by 12 until 2020, making the professionals trained in this field key members of the new companies. If this is not enough reason, below you can find 5 reasons why study a Master in Deep Learning.

Present and Technological Future

Deep learning systems are already part of several of our daily activities without our realizing it, virtual assistants like Siri or Cortana, speech or image recognition systems and language comprehension … they are all based on complex Deep Learning processing processes.

This technology allows extracting all kinds of information and results of digital processing, becoming, in the era of Big Data, the basis of the production systems of the future, transforming work systems and supporting the activity of people to boost growth economically. That is why the professionals trained in a Master in Deep Learning are becoming one of the most demanded professionals.

Application Diversity

The advantages of the knowledge of a Master in Deep Learning are applicable to many fields since the design of intelligent algorithms that process and develop results and solutions autonomously can be implemented in any data system with the appropriate architecture.

Such are the possibilities of application of Deep Learning that we find technological solutions based on deep learning in fields as diverse as medicine, automotive, finance, entertainment … All of them use deep learning processes to improve their services and performance.

Autonomous driving

Researchers in the field of automotive use deep learning, allowing the computational relationship with the images, which automatically detects objects such as stop signs and traffic lights.

Medical Investigation

Deep data analysis can be used in medicine to personalize treatments and detect abnormalities, as well as to detect cancer cells autonomously. It is not unusual to find the demand for professionals with a Master’s degree in Deep Learning among the most innovative medical research initiatives.

Industrial automation

The Deep Learning is helping to improve the safety of workers in environments with heavy machinery, thanks to the automatic detection of people or objects when they are at an unsafe distance from the machines.

Electronics (CES)

Electronic learning is used in automated hearing and speech translation. For example, home help devices that respond to the voice and know their preferences are based on deep learning applications.

Advantages in companies

But, in addition to technological progress, the combination of Big Data structures of large companies with deep learning processes generate a series of strategic advantages that will change the relationship systems with customers, finance, market studies …

  • Greater knowledge of the needs, tastes and buying habits of customers to be able to analyze and compute all their data through these algorithms.
  • The deep learning allows improving the communication and relationship with the client, registering and interpreting their emotions and opinions and adapting the treatment to the user
  • The use of Big Data together with the analytical and interpretative capabilities of deep learning will allow to predict trends and needs and offer personalized answers.
  •  Prediction and self-defence in cybersecurity.
  • Greater productivity and efficiency by improving response times.
  • Much more complete and updated market analysis.
  • Optimization of the logistic systems and processes of the company.

Professional renewal

Apart from the business advantages, a Masters in Deep Learning also involves a personal challenge and a professional transformation, enabling you as a specialist in algorithms and deep learning solutions that, as we have seen, has many applications.

A Master in Deep Learning is accessible, not only for professionals in the technical field but also for students or professionals in the economic or medical sector.

Doing a master’s degree not only involves recycling your knowledge and your profession, it is also the key to improving your position in the company, expanding your responsibilities and differentiating your CV.

Specificity Master in Deep Learning.

The training in Deep Learning will turn you into a professional specialized in the technology of the future and will qualify you as a consultant and developer of Deep Learning technology, knowing the formal foundations and the tools of deep learning.

As a professional trained in a Master of Deep Learning, you can program data structures, implement the different algorithms in order to solve real problems and understand the difficulties of implementing these algorithms in practice.

And, most relevant, you can propose solutions based on Deep Learning from a broad perspective, with trained and professional knowledge of the ethical and legal aspects and the economic and social implications of the automation of business processes.

These are just 5 of the many and varied reasons that you can find for a Master in Deep Learning because in such a deep, progressive and adaptable field you will find new applications and information to work with. If you want to know more about Deep Learning and its advantages you can find more entries in our blog. Visit ours!

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