Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision are both technologies that everyone has been talking about for the last years. They are some of the most important technologies nowadays, and their applications are very varied. For example, we can see them in different fields such as medicine or finances. In this new post, we will talk about the application of cameras based on AI and Computer Vision. Still interested? Keep reading!

The newest computer vision system

Two tech companies are getting together in order to create the newest computer vision system. These are Entropix, provider of Artificial Intelligence powered computational imaging software, and Boulder AI, manufacturer of intelligent camera solutions. They have decided to come together and produce and distribute the most powerful computer vision data collection system. Therefore, both technological groups will also teamed up with NVIDIA, the world famous multinational company. 

The camera system they designed will use NVIDIA’s latest generation Tegra and Xavier processing architectures. It will also be built upon the DNNCam platform. It is important to note that this platform is fully integrated with the Entropix Resolution Engine and Enterprise Computer Vision Management System (ECVMS). Within the computer vision ecosystem, both Entropix and Boulder AI are members of NVIDIA’s Inception program. This means that they are both leading the way of hardware and software solutions. 

The security camera of the future

If we go into Entropix or Boulder AI’s websites, we can find some of the characteristics this computer vision based camera will feature:

  • Tegra-based DNNCAM platform with 1.5 Teraflops of neural network horsepower
  • Dual 12MP (color and true monochrome) Sony sensors — capable of effective computer vision resolution greater than 100MP for visual data applications
  • Dimensions: Approximately 2.5″ diameter, 6″ long
  • Comm: Wifi 802.11AC, Bluetooth
  • Storage: 32GB onboard flash + MicroSD expandable storage + M.2 SSD (NVMe)
  • Fully integrated with NVIDIA Deep Stream and most open source video analytics
  • Extreme edge bandwidth and storage reductions
  • Enterprise/Edge/Hive ready
  • Hardened for industrial use
  • Passive Cooling: No cooling fans will be foul or damage
  • Made for Developers: The DNNCam has an NVIDIA TX2 GPU module onboard, widely supported by open source development community
  • Multiple network and power options
  • Built for every smart city computer vision application

What else can it offer?

The production of this new camera will enable a much more powerful generation of video analytics solutions for smart cities. It is important to know that verything is created from the relation between a computer vision based camera hardware and a resolution engine and computer vision management software. The CEO and co-founder of Entropix, Nathan Wheeler explains more about this. He states that this new hardware-enabled software platform is needed in order to improve video analytics. Entropix and Boulder AI first displayed this new computer vision solution at NVIDIA’s GTC show in March. Right now, the product is still waiting to be launched to the public.

Finally, the two companies are sure this project will probably succeed. This is because this product is not just an IP camera or landfills tons of useless video. What it does is seeing extraordinary detail within detected objects. Something they have accomplished with the help of Machine Learning and the reconstruction of software systems. There is no doubt this camera will mark a before and after for both of these companies and the industry of security cameras.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

It is always hard to predict what will happen in the future regarding technological developments.  However, we are sure that 2019 and the later years will continue to be full of new discoveries and AI systems. That is why is extremely important that companies have experts that fully understand the principles of this technology. Would you like working in a field like Artificial Intelligence? The Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning from the University of Alcalá is perfect for you. This master will provide you a solid understanding of the principles, tools and implications of artificial systems. 

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