Africa will be the next home of the biggest Artificial Intelligence Conference

In 2020, AI researchers from around the world will meet in Ethiopia. Also, the reason is that The International Conference on Learning Representations. Moreover, the annual conference, focuses on Artificial Intelligence in all its forms, has traditionally been held in North America or Europe. The problem: many researchers from emerging AI hot spots, like Africa, haven’t been able to participate. Now is the time to really join forces and knowledge in the AI and this is the best opportunity.


Learn more about AI and ethics thanks to the Montréal Declaration for Responsible Development of Artificial Intelligence

The University of Montreal has unveiled the product of more than a year of work, the Montréal Declaration for Responsible Development of Artificial Intelligence. But this declaration aims to be a an ethical guide for the development of Artificial Intelligence to ensure that the development and deployment of AI are compatible with the protection and fulfilment of fundamental human capacities and goals.



AI arrives to TV graphics thanks to Formula 1

The new alliance between Amazon web Services and F1 will provide a the newest AI technology to TV. However, the competition will use Amazon’s machine learning tool Sagemaker in a bid to improve the viewing experience, analising the wide range of car data generated during a race. But this is not the only important aspect, read more about it in the link below.



Lexus unveils the world’s first ad scripted entirely by AI

The 60-second spot was directed by Oscar-winner Kevin Mcdonald, working from a script developed by IBM’s Watson AI system. They analised over 15 years’ worth footage, text and audio in which Watson identified elements common to award-worthy commercials. Moreover, those elements were both emotionally intelligent and entertaining. Consequently, this web page will help you to get more information about the field, also, it is important to have a look at it if we want to be up to date.



MIT’s researchers created an AI system able to reproduce paintings by a single photo

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have created a RePaint system. This system is able to faithfully recreate paintings by using a combination of Deep learning and 3-D painting. It is even able to work under any light condition and recreate a full spectrum of color grading thanks to 3-D painting.



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