Can Artificial Intelligence produce beer?

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Artificial Intelligence has increased its importance in our society and lives. Together with Machine Learning, it can provide new and more efficient productions. In this post we are going to talk about how Artificial Intelligence can provide and create new products. If you want to know more about it, keep reading! Don’t miss anything and get all the information possible!

AI is used to make beer

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence make our world more effective and productive. There are breweries that produce beer thanks to this technology. This aspect is both intriguing and incredible. Thanks to data anslysis, brewmasters can make decisions based on AI-brewed beer.

Brewing beer has always been an art and a scince. However, Artificial Intelligence has played an important role in this area, helping specifically in the science field. Multinational breweries tend to use data in order to inform their advertising decisions. Therefore, Hew Leith and Rob McInerney, the founders of IntelligentX, used this data to improve beer itself. Consequently, IntelligentX is the first one to create beer due to AI algorithms and machine learning. This technology helped them to adjust the recipe and provide a better beer.

This company creates several types of beer: Golden AI, Black AI, Amber AI and Pale AI. Also, they recommend customers to follow the links that are provided on the bottles to give them feedback about their opinion about this new and incredible type of beer. Thanks to that questionnaire where customers have to answer 10 questions, the company acquires more than 100000 data points.

AI algorithms process this data and brewers take advantage of that. Instead of replacing workers and brewmasters, IntelligentX uses this information to equip better the workers. Once this technology improves, it will be possible for us to order a customized beer.

The project of Carlsberg

Carlsberg began a multimillion-dollar three-year Beer Fingerprinting Project. This Project was created thanks to a partnership with Aarhus University, Michrosoft and the Technical University of Denmark. Each day, they create a thousand of different beer samples.

The project will change the way we see beers and, specifically, the way they are created. They use sensors in order to analyse and determine the flavour of each sample. The information is collected through data. All this information helps the brewers to allow new products to get into the market way faster and it can also help to ensure the best quality possible.

A Robotic Barkeep

The way that beer is poured is very important, and it affects the enjoyment that people get from it. That’s why an Australian research team study it and then created RoboBEER. It pours the beer and its able to track the beer colour, the bubble size, among other aspects possible. The team found out that the neural network predicted 80% of accuracy whether someone liked or not a beer’s foam height. Therefore, RoboBEER data could be used to predict how people liked beer.

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