5 successful cases of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

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In previous posts, we discussed the importance of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning and how it will become a key player in the industry. But to what extent is the use of Artificial Intelligence useful? Keep reading to discover some of the most successful and revolutionary cases of using AI and how a Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning is the perfect complement to the professional of the future. We start!

5 successful cases of Deep Learning

1. Apple and Emotient

Apple, one of the most powerful technological industries, not only has introduced artificial intelligence processes in our day today, but it considers that this is the future of its applications and technologies.

In recent years Apple has acquired numerous Startups related to the most advanced processes of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning. From technologies dedicated to the development of smooth conversations between computers and people to the technology of motion capture and facial recognition in real time. All this together with the acquisition of Emotient. It is a state-of-the-art image recognition system that uses Deep Learning processes to recognize people’s emotions when they see advertising or when they see a product.

We have already experienced the integration of several of these technologies in Apple products, such as its intelligent assistant Siri or its facial recognition system in iPhone X. It is expected that the company will continue to revolutionize the market through Deep Learning systems. Professionalizing in the design of these technologies with a Master Deep Learning does not guarantee you a position in Apple, but it will make you one of the professionals most requested by companies in view of the development of the future.

2. Google and DeepMind

Similarly, the goal of Google is to create increasingly intelligent machines in order to solve the problems facing humanity, which results in the application of artificial intelligence and deep learning systems that offer the right answers, such as automatic translations, video recommendations, the recognition of images and their subsequent geolocation, the positioning of search results and even the detection of spam in email.

So in 2014 Google acquired the company DeepMind for 400 million dollars. The incorporation of the Deep Learning utilities of this company allowed Google to create a robot, AlphaGo, able to learn autonomously and improve their strategies and movements based on the knowledge acquired through algorithms based on their own experience. A Master in Deep Learning offers you the possibility of learning these backpropagation algorithms and the development of parameters and learning strategies.

Such is Google’s interest in the advances in Machine Learning and Deep Learning technology, which in the last year has become the organization that publishes the most scientific publications on these topics, surpassing universities and research centres.

Facebook, Intel, IBM, Microsoft … also have projects aimed at improving their services and companies through Deep Learning. But not only the great technological giants benefit from deep learning systems. A master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning will also enable you to develop autonomous and alternative solutions.

3. Shazura

A startup based on the use of Deep Learning applied to artificial vision to create a powerful search engine for images and videos without the need for labels, basing the recognition and comparison of the image on fingerprints, allowing recognition from logos and brands to clothing, in its Shot & Shop application.

4. Cylance

Cylance is a startup that applies artificial intelligence and algorithmic science to cybersecurity and thus improves the way companies, governments and end users proactively resolve the most complex security problems. The constant updating of its systems allows preventing cyber attacks.

5. Medway

The application of concepts and solutions go beyond the technological fields. Medway, a virtual assistant that answers the medical or health questions of the users and doctors. The answers are provided by an Artificial Intelligence technology that learns about medicine every day and, over time, about the patient’s medical history and the questions that are asked. This startup has only 560,000 euros of investment, which does not prevent the development and promotion of revolutionary technologies.

The artificial intelligence and more specifically the Deep Learning are revolutionizing the technology and with it the businesses. Therefore, not only the professional possibilities are multiplied with the realization of a master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Also, the capabilities to create new businesses and solutions based on these new capabilities becoming not only the professional of the future but also the entrepreneur of tomorrow. Would you like to be able to develop your own product? Time to study!


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