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Doing a Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning at the University of Alcala, which is one of the most prestigious universities of Spain, does not present any problem. It offers you the opportunity to do it through online sessions which will allow you to be an expert on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. It includes innovative learning methodology that will allow you to do your training and study compatible with your work thanks to the online option. The masters online program includes several subjects:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: This subject will teach you the history and evolution of Artificial Intelligence, the difference between supervised, unsupervised and reinforced learning, the meaning of symbolic and sub-symbolic learning, the classification and regression models and the model optimization.
  • Feedforward networks: You will learn how feedforward networks work through the theory on: feed-forward single-layer networks, multilayer networks, backpropagation algorithm, loss functions, and hyper-parameters and learning strategies.
  • Genetic algorithms and evolutionary computation: thanks to that subject you will learn: search and optimization, coding, genetic algorithms, evolutionary strategies and swarm models.
  • Unsupervised and reinforce learning: the focus of this subject involves: clustering and classification, K-Mean type algorithms, NN-type algorithms, Tree algorithms and reinforcement learning.
  • Programming in Python: programming languages are very important in the master; therefore, this subject focuses on: arrays, matrices and vectors, graphics, program flow management, interfaces and data loading; and programming exercises.
  • Convolutional and sequential networks: the main aspects studied are: fundamentals and structure of convolutional networks, residual networks, sequential and time series problems, recurrent networks, backpropagation through time and LSTM models.
  • Augmented intelligence and human machine interaction: focusing on machine learning, you will study: cognitive theories, interaction design, robot ethics and augmentation technologies.
  • Seminars: this is one of the most important parts of the masters degree. It includes the approach to several fields in which Deep Leaning is applied. Fields such as: medicine, finance, automotive driving, computer vision, speech recognition and others.
  • Masters’ thesis: the final path in which you will show your knowledge and proficiency on what you have already learned on the masters degree.

Now that you know the main aspects that you will study through the Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, you can take the opportunity to get a brighter future by joining us and doing our master online. If you have any doubt, contact us and we will help you as soon as possible.

Master in Artificial Intelligence.

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