Technology has increased and spread its importance in our society throughout the past decades. One of the most important conceps in both Computer Science and Robotics is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI provides new capacities for machines and/or devices to have a successful  human-like intelligence.

This important technological improvement can be experienced and developed further by students who want to get a closer involvement in this academic discipline. If you are interested on doing a Master in Artificial Intelligence and learn more about it, keep reading! We tell you all about it here.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also known as communicational intelligence. It is the intelligence that we can find in devices such as computers, mobile phones, robots, etcetera… It is an important element studied in Computer Science and Robotics that imitates the characteristics and abilities of human intelligence. This characteristic provides a solution through the reason and behaviour acquired through mathematical learning algorithms and databases.

We can divide the cognitive skills of technologies in 4 main aspects: searches of the required state, genetic algorithms, artificial neural networks and reasoning. These skills are a key element to provide devices with the capability to perform actions and operations. In the future, we will have machines and devices with a perfect human-like performance.

The actual use of Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, the use of devices with Artificial Intelligence is increasing its number in a huge way. Specifically in areas such as medicine, automotive industry, education, logistics, etc. However, there are still some people that are not conscious about the presence of A.I. Although we can find its influence and existence in important companies such as Apple with Siri and Amazon with Alexa. We can also find it in Netflix with predictive softwares based on the reaction of its customers.

The Artificial Intelligence has improved its use in the automotive industry, specially in the case of motor vehicles with new devices contained within them. It is the case of: GPS, electric parking brake with auto hold, the smart key programming, hands-free kit, side-impact protection, electronic vehicle immobilizer and crash sensor; among a lot of other new possibilities and advantages for the driver.

The possibilities that Artificial Intelligence can offer in the future

Despite all the fears of Artificial Intelligence getting the job that human beings usually do, it will also increase the need for new jobs. We can find those jobs in other areas associated to Robotics and Computer Science which will make our lives way much easier. In fact, AI can give us more positive aspects than negatives.

Moreover, the creation of several devices related to medicine will help to prevent and discover the solution to several illnesses. Specially the ones that nowadays are being studied without any success. It will help to reduce the human error in a diagnosis, identify warning signs of heart problems or tumours.

Furthermore, it will improve the systems of healthcare information. We can find several cases in which Artificial Intelligence is important in order to make people’s lives easier. In fact, we can see it with things such as robotic parts of the human body as arms or legs.

Thinking about doing a Master in Artificial Intelligence?

If you are finally interested in changing the future of the society through Robotics and Computer Science, this is a perfect opportunity for you. With a Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning you will increase your knowledge and reach a new speciality, becoming a high skilled professional. As an expert, you will find a big range of job opportunities in several and different fields.

The University of Alcala gives you the chance to began a new era. We offer you a good program and outstanding professors with great expereince. With a sound preparation of 60 ECTS, you will exploit your talent and knowledge. Also, with the possibility of doing it online, you can do it at home at any time whenever and wherever you want.

Update your curriculum today. Our community will help you in any doubt or problem that you may have.  What are you waiting for? Contact us if you want to have more information about the master. Join us today and help us in our purpose to improve our world and society through artificial intelligence.

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