Throughout recent years, technology has developed further into image processing using Computer Vision. But, which are the advantages and disadvantages? In our Master in Machine Learning you will study the involvement of Artificial Intelligence in Computer Vision. If you want to know more about it, keep reading!

Computer Vision

First of all, we will focus on what is Computer Vision. Artificial Intelligence is related to that technology which we can see since the latest years. It’s based on the computer video analysis of images in real time. Cameras take those images which program and configuration process images and provide Facial Recognition.

We can find Computer Imagining in several areas. We talk about automation, controlling, precise measuring and recognition. The technology in Computer Vision is analyses and measures the images that a camera can capture. For example, in the case of a surveillance camera, it can recognise smoke as an automated premise. It is useful to  activate an alarm and prevent possible damages. It can even send the images of the fire and call the firefighters or the police.


The use of Computer Imagining grows rapidly thanks to the discovery of advantages for industries. There are five main advantages of computer vision:

  • Process in a simpler and faster way: it allows the clients and industries to check. Also, it gives them access to their products. It’s possible thanks to the existence of Computer Vision in fast computers.
  • Reliability: computers and cameras don’t have the human factor of tiredness, which is eliminated in them. The efficiency is usually the same, it doesn’t depend on external factors such as illness or sentimental status.
  • Accuracy: the precision of Computer Imagining, and Computer Vision will ensure a better accuracy on the final product.
  • A wide range of use: We can see the same computer system in several different fields and activities. Also, in factories with warehouse tracking and shipping of supplies, and in the medical industry through scanned images, among other multiple options.
  • The reduction of costs: time and error rate are reduced in the process of Computer Imagining. It reduces the cost of hire and train special staff to do the activities that computers will do as hundreds of workers.


Despite all the advantages of computer vision thanks to the capacity of Machine Learning, we have to consider some disadvantages:

  • Necessity of specialists: there is a huge necessity of specialist related to the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. A professional that knows how those devices work and take full advantage of Computer Vision. Also, the person can repair them when necessary. There are a lot of work opportunities after doing a Master in Artificial Intelligences. However, companies still wait for those specialists.
  • Spoiling: eliminate the human factor may be good in some cases. But when the machine or device fails, it doesn’t announce or anticipate that problem. Whereas a human person can tell in advance when the person won’t come.
  • Failing in image processing: when the device fails because of a virus or other software issues, it is highly probable that Computer Vision and image processing will fail. But if we do not solve the problem, the functions of the device can dissapear. It can froze the entire production in the case of warehouses.

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