In the last years, there has been an increase in the use of technologies. This is noticeable in different aspects of society. Bank, businesses, marketing, etc. It is probable that this will keep going. But one of the fields with more development is that of Artificial Intelligence. In the last decades, it has become one of the most important areas in technology. There is a huge investment in the area. Moreover, there is a variety of possibilities offered by this technology. Do you want to know more? Then you can’t miss our article. Keep reading!

What is Artificial Intelligence?

There is a misconception about Artificial Intelligence. This is due the use of this topic in Hollywood films, that depict AI as an independent robot that wants to destroy humanity. But reality is far from that. Actually, Artificial Intelligence can be defined as hardware which is able to ‘think’. Thus, it can make decisions according to the data it has stored. These systems are incredibly powerful and complex and they are capable of process large amounts of information in a short period of time.

AI can perform computer tasks much faster than the human brain does. This is why this technology has marked a milestone in history as it can help humans with their tasks. Besides, these systems are capable of developing their independence and can carry out different tasks without the supervision of a human being. There are different types of Artificial Intelligence. Some of them are the K-Mean, the NN-Type, the Tree type, etc. Due to this systems, each AI is different and use the information in different ways. Yet, it is possible to see that there is a clear future for this technology. It is a matter of time that we get to know what AI will do next. The possibilities that offers this technology are various and innovative.

What is a sequential network?

What do we mean when we talk about sequential networks? Probably is a term that you might know nothing about or it sounds familiar but you can’t recall. Sequential network can be defined as the connection with inputs and outputs. This means, the system has a ‘memory’. It is especially used in neural network.

This can be thought as multiple copies of the same network. Each of them passes a message to the successor. This nature explains how these networks are related to sequences and lists. It is the main architecture of the networks and experts use it for data. In the last years, we can see an increase of the use of this technology. We can solve different problems in our daily life with it: speech recognition, language modelling, translation, etc.

RNN: the artificial neural network

Recurrent Neural Networks (or RNN as we also call them) are a type of artificial neural network that can recognise patterns in sequences of data. Some examples are texts, genomes, handwriting, etc. The algorithms consider time and sequence. Basically, they have a temporal dimension.

Some research show how this type of technology can be one of the most powerful and useful types. Alongside it, we can find attention mechanism and memory networks. But how do they work? Basically, RNN takes as their input not only the current input but also what they perceived previously in time.  The sequential information is in the recurrent network’s hidden state. This manages to span many time steps as it goes forward to affect the processing of each new example.

The future of sequential networks

As you can see, the future of Artificial Intelligence and the different networks is increasing nowadays. Several companies decide to invest in this type of technology. We can say with no doubt that the future of AI is unstoppable and it offers different opportunities in daily life. We will have to wait to see what comes next. However, it is clear that the future awaits with amazing and incredible developments which will probably change the way we are living right now.

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