Differences between Deep and Machine Learning

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In the recent years, Deep Learning has emerged as one of the most relevant aspects related to technology. We could even think about the next industrial revolution, having robots and IAs working for the companies. However, we should not forget that Deep Learning is also composed by other system that makes it as great as it is. We are talking for example of Machine Learning. Moreover, although some experts are mistaken about it, they are not exactly the same thing. Do you alreday know the differences? If the answer is not, we encourage you to keep reading this post and discover it by yourself!

One technology, one mind

Deep Learning is, after all, a system with the purpose to improve the efficiency of an IA, an Artificial Intelligence. Specifically, this works in the fields that use algorithms and supervised learning. It is thanks to it that an IA can learn and imitate the mind of a human. Therefore, we cannot only talk about Deep and Machine Learning, but also about its integration in the functionalizing of the intelligence of the machine.

Many experts are looking forward for a future with large number of IAs working for us. In the search of this world, they design and develop new technologies every day. One of the main examples is Machine Learning. It is a discipline that seeks to reduce the need for human intervention. The new objective is a higher and better productivity and they are getting it. So, it is clear now. The IA is the mastermind and it works thanks to learning. However, which are the differences between Deep Learning and Machine Learning?

Deep Learning

Getting to the point, we can say that Deep Learning allows the machine to learn by itself. This learning takes all the input received, that is to say, all the data and information. The algorithm itself identifies patterns and anomalies in order to create a model and prevent future errors. Deep learning is then able to combine different parameters to prevent an unwanted event. Once the machine compares different outcomes, it can also expect the better results and plans to get it.

Facebook have always been the perfect example of Deep Learning. When we label photos, the website is able to detect which faces appear and the location of the photo. In this way, the Facebook is a machine that learns in a game of who is who. In this case, thanks to Deep Learning, Facebook can get a ton of data just because it knows you and your face. Consequently, the website can offer you different recommendations, like possible friends, because your face appears also in some of their photos. It is somewhat creepy, right? Nevertheless, it is the reality.

Machine Learning

Then, experts use Machine Learning as a supervised learning that will help the machine to identify the process automatically. The main objective of this system is the creation of a model that solves a certain task. In that way, the machine is trained, as Deep Learning, by using large amounts of data. However, Deep Learning learns from diverse situations and is able to adapt itself and Machine Learning focus in one more specified duty.

One of the examples of Machine Learning is the categorization of spam in your email. The system will recognize that certain emails are not necessary for the user and will send it directly away. It learns from data already recompiled and acts consequently to it. The machine never requests you to specify which emails are important or which ones are annoying.


These technologies offer great possibilities in every imaginable sector. Although Machine Learning and Deep Learning are not exactly the same, they work together. If you are ready to revolutionize the future and develop the IA’s world, you should study with us. At the University of Alcalá you have a great opportunity with our Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Moreover, you can do it online, doing it whenever and wherever you want. You can specialize and learn the necessary about Machine and Deep Learning, being a great professional in the field. Take the opportunity now and open a new world and build a better future for you. Do not doubt anymore and contact us! We will be happy to assist you at any time. Your future is waiting for you!

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