The GPS dispositives for cars are a bit old-fashionated lately. Something is changing the rules of the mobility sector and the new trend of today is “AI”. An intelligent system that can overcome difficulties at the same level as another human. If you want to know more about this, join us in our Master in Artificial Intelligence Online and keep reading!

What is AI exactly?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an emerging system that is capable of imitate the way that humans think. The computer and machines based on it can solve problems with a high level of analysis. AI takes its knowledge from massive databases and it evolves and learns every day. It uses complex algorhytms in order to overpass the human mind and predict the forthcoming of our path.

The main objective of AI is to assist the human being, however, it can also work by itself. Nowadays, there is an important development of AI related to the automotive sector. It can take over driving tasks, find the better routes and give you specific information about your environment. AI can really initiate a new way of driving and it has multiple and interesting applications.

Your car partner

The idea of a self-driving car seems ideal but, firstly, it needs to learn how to be our co-pilot. Driver-assisting is one of the main applications of AI in the automotive sector. This system is able to help us in our route making suggestions and informing us about the roads. It also accompanies us in our travel, behaving like another person by our side. We will not be alone anymore.

AI can do more than assist us. It can identify dangerous situations and alert the driver about it. It can even activate an emergency control of the car. You can think of it as a system that controls what is around you and tries to turn the travel into a safer and enjoyable experience.

But, what about those self-driving cars that we were talking at the beginning? It is almost a reality, and several companies are on it. “Waymo” is a software designated by Google and based on the use of cameras, sensors and cloud service to control the car. It can predict the travel and the obstacles on it. It is like a brain thanks to Machine Learning, so it learns with every travel and improves itself.

Your car savior

A vehicle with an AI detects and prevents problems thanks to the sensors and its internet connection. These new cars are developed with the objective of saving our life even before the accident could happen. Even when the inevitable occurs, the system can detect what is going on and adapt the conditions to reduce the consequences at its maximum exponential.

Besides road’s sensors, another ones are capable to analyse the drivers’ health or mental state. AI detects if some of these factors would be able to affect the travel and informs about it. The system can also perceive if we are tired and even alarm us if we fall asleep.

Your car helper

But not everything is about preventions. We also want to be spoiled sometimes and the AI is getting us what we want. We can personalize the functions of the system and even create profiles for each driver. These profiles would use facial recognition and would also take information of our social media to adapt its information. If you are running out of fuel or you are hungry, the vehicle will find the perfect place for you.

It can also adapt the conditions of the car for our comfort. Each profile can control the seat position, the temperature or the music according to our preferences. This facial recognition system also helps to detect if someone tries to steal the car and inform the driver thanks to its connection to internet.


Artificial Intelligence can be the perfect companion in our vehicles. It will help and take care of us in any possible way. Therefore, some huge companies are investing and developing these systems nowadays. If you also want your car to rule, and get involved in the evolution of AI in the automotive industry. Join us in our Master in Artificial Intelligence Online.

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