Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and keeping up with its innovations is almost mission impossible. Many technologies end up converging, improving even more complex processes.

This is what happens with Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, technologies that can benefit from each other and build a new reality. Doing a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning will allow you in the professional of this technology, but until then, do you want to know what is the relationship between IA and Data Science? Keep reading!

Data Science

The science of data is the study of where information comes from, what it represents and how it can be converted into a valuable resource in the creation of businesses and strategies. Data Science involves the mining of huge amounts of Big Data data, structured or not, identifying patterns that will facilitate decision making, process control and the detection of opportunities and competitive advantages.

This system of analysis and data science is developed by professionals with a Masters in Data Science, data scientists, who help to convert raw data into information.

To be effective, they must have a combination of analytics, ‘learning machine’ or automatic learning, data mining and statistical skills, as well as experience with algorithms and coding. However, perhaps the most important skill that a data scientist possesses, is the ability to explain the meaning of the data. Explaining it in a way that can be easily understood by others. Therefore, data tell stories and solve problems based on them.

People become a fundamental component for the success of Data Science, but what happens when we apply Artificial Intelligence to their processes?

The challenge of Artificial Intelligence

The importance of the work of these professionals is beyond doubt. In fact, just five years ago, the Harvard Business Review called the data scientist “the most ‘sexy’ job of the 21st century.” However, it is not exempt from the risks of progressive automation. According to Gartner, more than 40% of the tasks performed by Data Science will be automated by 2020.

Artificial intelligence with its Machine Learning is capable of processing massive quantities of unreachable data for a human being. In addition, machine learning perfects models through predictive algorithms and analysis.

But this is not the end of data scientists. A Master in Data Science also prepares the professionals of the future for human-machine coexistence in the workplace. Data Scientist has impossible capabilities for machines, such as common sense, emotional intelligence, education and experience. In the same way, Artificial Intelligence is nourished by Data Science for the development of machine learning. It is an alliance, not a threat.

The binomial ‘Data Science – Artificial Intelligence’ or ‘Big Data Analytics – Artificial Intelligence’ tries to enrich each other. Furthermore, they work together in their common search for problem-solving and decision making. Moreover, the training related to this technology, such as a Master’s Degree in Data Science or Deep Learning, aimed at becoming the key to the professional future in the sector.

Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

The technology in analysis and Data Science is in full development and its applications are countless. From predicting the demand of stock in companies that sell products to obtaining the best treatment for a disease. Data Science is not only present in large companies or institutions, but reaches every corner of this world. Training with a Master in Artificial Intelligence will prepare you for the technological and professional future. It will allow you to face the challenges of new scientific advances.

In short, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are a technological alliance that will allow the development of both fields. AI ​​will help with a more efficient science for data which will allow using the collective intelligence. Do not miss the opportunity to be part of the technological advances that will revolutionize the future. The Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning at the University of Alcalá awaits you!

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