Dilemmas with Artificial Intelligence

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Today we know a lot about the advances on AI. The experts study and talk about what will be the leading technology in the coming years. However, how did we get here? In order to understand the fully development of AI, we need to pay attention to its problemas. AI was not a result of a magic trick or an accident. The creation of the mind of the machine is one of the most important events in our history. However, it also carries some moral and ethicals dilemmas with it. Do you want to know about the trust issues with AI? Keep reading!

What is AI?

Computational intelligence or artificial intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by machines. It is about technologies that emulate the characteristics or capabilities of human intelligence. AI can be useful for learning and solving problems. In order to do it, the technology uses two fundamental characteristics of human cognitive ability: reasoning and behaviour.

The artificial intelligence is developed from mathematical learning algorithms and large databases. These technological skills to perform operations comparable to those performed by the human mind make them the key to the business and scientific future. However, beyond the possibilities of intelligent computing, the use of AIs also has its drawbacks. Many of them give rise to dilemmas that a professional must know how to answer.


When we talk about AIs and machines, they may not be as efficient as humans in altering their responses depending on changing situations. By basing their learning and behaviour on computer data, their responses may not adapt to real needs. It is a constated fact that the machine intelligence is based in the training data. If the AI learns from cheerful ideas, it will have a nice personality. However, if we show it some more gruesome information, the AI can doubt about moral issues.

The development of AIs also posses an existential risk comparable to the impact of a large asteroid or nuclear holocaust. The substitution of human labour for machines will lead to the unemployment of people and the loss of creativity. This is something worrying and also affects land such as Industry 4.0. The design and application fall on human responsibility. Therefore, it is up to us to use them in the most beneficial way and never in a selfish or evil way.

Despite all the fears of Artificial Intelligence getting the job that human beings usually do, it will also increase the need for new jobs. We can find those jobs in other areas associated to Robotics and Computer Science which will make our lives way much easier. In fact, AI can give us more positive aspects than negatives. There is one way to change this situation and make AI looks better. The creation of these technologies is still a new field and the demand of experts and scientist is really high. If you have interest in changing the future of the society and create more accurate systems, this is a perfect opportunity.

Master in AI

If you have interest in changing the future of the society through Robotics and Computer Science, this is a perfect opportunity for you. With a Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning you will increase your knowledge and reach a new speciality, becoming a high skilled professional. As an expert, you will find a big range of job opportunities in several and different fields.

The University of Alcala gives you the chance to began a new era. We offer you a good program and outstanding professors with great experience. With a sound preparation of 60 ECTS, you will exploit your talent and knowledge. Also, with the possibility of doing it online, you can do it at home at any time whenever and wherever you want. Studying this type of master will help you to understand all the underlying issues around the development of AI. You can be part of the new technological revolution that will change the world that we know.


The capabilities of artificial intelligence require an ethical conscience of its uses. We should pay attention as well to legal, economic and social aspects. A master’s degree in artificial intelligence will specialize your training for the challenges of this new technology. Are you convinced that you want to study this master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning? Contact us and do not doubt anymore!

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