The field of Artificial Intelligence is a technical one composed of numerous interrelated processes. Among them the Deep Learning and Machine Learning, two of the technologies that are revolutionizing the industry. In this articles we are going to talk about the utility of an AI at home and in your daily life. Do you know that probably you are surrounded by it? We live in a technological world, but normally we do not realise it. Keep reading and discover it by yourself!

What can be understand by “AI”

Also called communicational intelligence, artificial intelligence, or AI, is the intelligence exhibited by machines. It is a series of technologies that emulate the characteristics or capabilities of human intelligence, such as learning and solving problems, based on two fundamental characteristics of human cognitive ability: reasoning and behaviour. With this definition, the possibilities of artificial intelligence are immense and can revolutionize any professional sector since data, the basis of learning artificial intelligence, have become a basic tool of the industries.

The advantages of artificial intelligence applications are enormous and varied, although they also bring disadvantages. Studying a master of artificial intelligence means learning to use this double-edged sword and know how to apply it correctly. It has been a long time since the first IA was created. However, this technology is not as developed as the automative sector or more practical machines. Even though, it is a fact that we live with a large amount of technologies. Do you know the main examples of AI in your daily life?

Voice Assistants at home

This popular trend just started a few years ago. The idea of an assistant that allows us to send messages, set reminders, operate several apps, place calls and more was part of a fantasy. However, nowadays, it is a reality thanks to big companies as Apple or Amazon. Their voice assistants function with a speaker that receives, process and fulfil your orders. These have to be simple instructions such as dim the lights or play music.

Alexa is the assistant of Amazon and the one from Apple is Siri. Both work in a similar way. In order to activate the device, we have to say one of the triggers words such as ‘Alexa’ or ‘Siri’. After that, you have to say what you want to search or do, and it will usually help you or do as you command.

These Artificial Intelligences recognise the speech act, process the information that your voice gives to it and answer to you. We can find them in smartphones, tablets and the latest home speakers. When you give it commands and ask questions, it will respond out loud. It can also read out loud messages, place calls, operate iTunes, etcetera.

AIs around us

Nowadays, the use of devices with Artificial Intelligence is increasing its number in a huge way. Specifically in areas such as medicine, automotive industry, education, logistics, etc. However, there are still some people that are not conscious about the presence of A.I. We can find a clear example of it in Netflix or Facebook, with their predictive softwares based on the reaction of its customers. Although Artificial Intelligence often relates to science fiction, it is present nowadays beyond the novels and films. This technology is all around us. We can spot it in a conversion of voice into text, labeling of photographs or shop’s recommendations.

The Artificial Intelligence has improved its use in the automotive industry, specially in the case of motor vehicles with new devices contained within them. It is the case of: GPS, electric parking brake with auto hold, the smart key programming, hands-free kit, side-impact protection, electronic vehicle immobilizer and crash sensor; among a lot of other new possibilities and advantages for the driver.


The development of AI has still a long way to go. Because of that, the need for professionals in the possibilities and responsibilities of the use of artificial intelligence is great nowadays. To achieve this, a Master of Artificial Intelligence will provide you with a complete training in employment, management, design and decision making of artificial intelligence tools from a broad perspective, considering the ethical and legal aspects and the economic and social implications of the automation of business processes. What do you think? Would you like to be one of them? We will wait for you!

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