The importance of technology has increased and spread across many countries over the last decades. Some of the most important concepts nowadays can be Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Robotic Science. There are various and and different applications of Artificial Intelligence for the industry and society we live in.

For example, when we think about the application of AI in the automotive sector we might first think about self-driving cars. However, the application of Artificial Intelligence on automobiles can do more than just drive. If you are interested in doing a Master in Artificial Intelligence and learn more about this, keep reading!

1.Driving Features of Artificial Intelligence

It is estimated that by 2025 the value of Artificial Intelligence will exceed 10 billion dollars in automotive manufacturing and cloud services. One of the most important applications of AI when it comes to driving is that it offers two levels of functionality. These are driver assist and fully autonomous mode. Firstly, let’s talk about driver assist.

AI provides powerful advances on safety features for connected vehicles. That can help customers and manufactures get comfortable with AI before letting it be an autonomous driver. Many sensors are monitored and by doing so Artificial Intelligences can detect dangerous situations. This way, it can alert the driver or even take control of the vehicle in an emergency situation. Some of these features are emergency braking or cross traffic detectors.

Secondly, we have got the fully autonomous mode of Artificial Intelligence, better known as driverless automobiles. The main reason autonomous vehicles were not on the streets yet is because they didn’t have a brain. In order to drive a vehicle, the amount of processing power it needs is enormous. Even with modern technology, conventional computer programs could not make it possible. This is because besides following a set of rules or an algorithm, driving involves learning. This means that it requires Artificial Intelligence. There are two main companies that are leading the way towards the development of truly driverless cars. They are Google and Tesla.

2. Artificial Intelligence Cloud Services

Connected vehicles need a lot of data to work. Because of that, Artificial Intelligence can be applied to cloud platforms to ensure the availability of the data needed. Conventional vehicles can only alert us with check-engine lights, oil lights or low-battery indicators. On the contrary, connected vehicles can do even more. Artificial Intelligence can control hundred of sensors and is able to detect the issue before they affect the vehicle. By controlling so much data, Artificial Intelligence can detect changes in the vehicle very quickly. This way, the component failures will be solve before they can cause any problem.

These cloud services are also link to individualized marketing. The advertising competition has become very intense. Nowadays we have email ads, pay-per-click website ads, and even social media monetization. Classifying the data to target qualified prospects is very difficult. Because of that, Artificial Intelligence cloud platforms offer the ideal solution to target the right audience. The connection of AI to big data can offer the vehicle the possibility of infotainment systems. These can suggest products and services to the driver based on a base of raw data. For example, in a low-fuel situation, the nearest gas station will be automatically suggest.

3. Artificial Intelligence Automotive Insurance

Artificial Intelligence and the insurance industry have one problem in common. They both spend a lot of time predicting the future. Because of that, the insurance industry has accepted the use of AI in cars in order to help make risk assessments in real time. Artificial Intelligence also speeds up the process of filing claims when an accident occurs. There are some other examples of AI and deep learning technology helping on automotive insurance.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, they create risk profiles on the driver’s individual risk factors found in big data. Instead of relying on the driver’s driving history, AI looks at less obvious factors. For example, health issues or a recent divorce. AI can also help the driver to assess the damage automatically in case of accident. This is accomplished with on-screen instructions to guide the user on how to video their vehicle damage for their insurance claim. That way, AI informs the driver how to have the vehicle repaired. It also informs the driver what the insurence will cover.

4. Artificial Intelligence in Car Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence is also changing the way vehicles are built. There are now smart robots that act as human counterparts. This means that they are wearable industrial robots that can protect the workers body. For example in 2018, Kia Motors began working with Hyundai Vest Exoskeleton (H-VEX) robots for their assembly lines. The H-VEX and Hyundai Chairless Exoskeleton (H-CEX) help protect workers knees, back, and neck while giving them the mobility and strength to perform hard jobs.

They are also producing collaborative robots. The AI senses what human workers are doing. This way, they adjust their movements in order not to injure them. For example, Automated Guided Vehicles are used to move materials around automotive plants without human interference. Artificial Intelligence allows these autonomous vehicles to identify objects in their way, and to adjust their path appropriately.

5. Driver Monitoring

Artificial Intelligence allows cars to do more than just watch the road. It also can help them to pay attention to the driver as well. An Israeli automotive computer vision uses AI and deep learning to offer plenty of in-car automotive solutions. For example, it uses Time-of-Flight cameras and IR sensors. Because of this, Artificial Intelligence software detects the driver’s behavior in four main areas. These are: driver identification, driver recognition, driver monitoring and infotainment control.

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