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Where to work in Artificial intelligence?

AI is considered the most disruptive technology, according to Gartner’s 2019 CIO Survey. So yes, this is big reason why there has been a major increase in adoption and implementation. Yet there is a bottleneck that could easily slow the progress, finding the right talent. The fact is that there are few data scientists and AI experts available.


How artificial intelligence changed the face

Artificial intelligence will empower banking organisations to completely redefine how they operate, establish innovative products and services, and most importantly impact customer experience interventions. In this second machine age, banks will find themselves competing with upstart fintech firms leveraging advanced technologies that augment or even replace human workers with sophisticated algorithms. To maintain a sharp competitive edge, banking corporations will need to embrace AI and weave it into their business strategy.


New Artificial Intelligence Sees Like a Human

Artificial Intelligence is evolving at a rapid rate ushering in a new age in technology. Though we are still very much a ways away from creating super-intelligent robots, AI seems to be becoming more and more like us every few months. Though the debate for what role AI will play in society is a hot one. One cannot deny the usefulness of AI, tackling tasks that may be impossible for humans. Computer scientists from the University of Texas have recently taught an artificial intelligence agent how to see like a human. The “seeing” AI agent could be used to improve a host of technologies ranging from agriculture to the medical fields.


Artificial intelligence creates real strategic dilemmas

Recently, I chaired a “strategy surgery” to which executives brought dilemmas, in search of a prescription to ease their strategic aches and pains. “When and why should my company deviate from its strategy framework?” asked one member of the Financial Times 125 forum. Another participant pointed out that strategy is “the art of making difficult choices”. Art it may be, but science is playing an increasing role in the selection. It is already more than three years since DeepMind’s AlphaGo learnt how to defeat the planet’s best human player of the pure-strategy game Go.


Canada lacks laws to tackle problems posed by artificial intelligence

The role of artificial intelligence in Netflix’s movie suggestions and Alexa’s voice commands is commonly understood. But less known is the shadowy role AI now plays in law enforcement, immigration assessment, military programs and other areas. Despite its status as a machine-learning innovation hub, Canada has yet to develop a regulatory regime. Regulatory regime to deal with issues of discrimination and accountability to which AI systems are prone, prompting calls for regulation.


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